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Master Locksmith Association

Master Locksmith Association

The MLA is a nationwide, not for profit network dedicated to upholding standards in an essential but unregulated industry. The Association promotes standards of conduct and practice to offer assurance to the end customer. Established over half a century ago, the MLA conducts regular inspections of its members’ work and provides training to ensure its members remain up to date with the latest industry developments.

The MLA is the recognised authoritative body in the UK by the police, the Home Office, the British Standards Institute, the RISCAuthority and the Building Research Establishment. Using an MLA approved locksmith provides a level of assurance unavailable anywhere else. End customers can be certain the locksmith has been independently verified as competent and trustworthy.

The partnership with Local Heroes means that the locksmith services offered are held to a high standard of work which, when combined with the British Gas Guarantee offers the highest possible level of quality and assurance.

Read our press release on the Local Heroes partnership with the MLA.

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