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Meet the team

Local Heroes is made up of people from all walks of life scattered all around the country, but back at our HQ in London, the team is obviously much closer.

At our offices, we have people with 20+ years of experience within British Gas, engineers, plumbers, tilers as well as designers, developers, project managers and digital experts - the modern workforce.

Whether they're full time, a contractor, part time or volunteer, everyone in the Local Heroes office is part of the team.

If you'd like to join Local Heroes, you can either  become a Local Hero or check out our Careers page.


Keeping things running smoothly, the Ops guys make sure customers and Heroes have the best experience and get all the support they need.

Profile pic of Adam Rickard

Adam Rickard

Ops Manager

No pic of Rod Brown available yet!

Rod Brown

Operations Support Assistant

Profile pic of Jo Madder

Jo Madder

Operations Assistant

Profile pic of Michael Jessiman

Michael Jessiman

Operations Support Assistant

No pic of Nick Dhul available yet!

Nick Dhul

Operations Support Assistant

Profile pic of Patrick Allen

Patrick Allen

Operations Assistant

Profile pic of Paul Rathjen

Paul Rathjen

Ops Manager

Profile pic of Phil Kemp

Phil Kemp

Head of Operations

No pic of Rob Hicks available yet!

Rob Hicks

Operations Support Assistant


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Engineering & Development

The tech guys, they are at the core of building the innovative Local Heroes service and making sure it’s always getting better.

No pic of Adrian Salgueiro available yet!

Adrian Salgueiro

Full Stack Developer

Profile pic of Antoine Savignac

Antoine Savignac

Full Stack Developer

No pic of Balazs Cseh available yet!

Balazs Cseh

Full Stack Developer

No pic of Martin Cerny available yet!

Martin Cerny

Full Stack Developer

Profile pic of Pete Stonham

Pete Stonham

Full Stack Developer

No pic of Rob Anderson available yet!

Rob Anderson

Head of Engineering

No pic of Tim Hardyman available yet!

Tim Hardyman

Full Stack Developer

No pic of Toby Summerfield available yet!

Toby Summerfield

Full Stack Developer

No pic of Dom Salvia available yet!

Dom Salvia

Full Stack Developer

No pic of Rafael Audy Glanzner available yet!

Rafael Audy Glanzner

Full Stack Developer


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Product & Design

This team knows the service inside and out. They listen to what customers and Heroes have to say and are always improving what Local Heroes has to offer.

No pic of Andreea Stoica available yet!

Andreea Stoica

Product Manager

Profile pic of Megan Macdonald

Megan Macdonald

Product Manager

Profile pic of Richard Earney

Richard Earney

Head of UX Design

No pic of Sara Taddei available yet!

Sara Taddei

Procurement and Supply Manager


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Quality Assurance

These guys make sure everything is always up to scratch.

No pic of Alex Margoulis available yet!

Alex Margoulis

QA Specialist

No pic of Saad Nasir available yet!

Saad Nasir

QA Specialist


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The team that make sure every interaction we have with customers and Heroes is fantastic, building a world class online experience.

No pic of Mark Bharucha available yet!

Mark Bharucha

Team Lead

No pic of Michal Verner available yet!

Michal Verner

Salesforce Developer

Profile pic of Rick Blake

Rick Blake

Lead Salesforce Developer


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Data & Insight

Experts at crunching the data, the Data team give us the insights we need to understand what works and what we can make better.

No pic of Alistair Smith available yet!

Alistair Smith

CRO & Performance Insight Analyst

Profile pic of Andre Turkiewicz

Andre Turkiewicz

Data Analyst & Report Builder

No pic of Lucy Bryant available yet!

Lucy Bryant

Digital Operations Manager


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Marketing & Digital

Making sure that everyone knows - There’s a Local Hero for that!

No pic of Declan McDougall available yet!

Declan McDougall

Partnerships Manager

Profile pic of Dom Ladden-Powell

Dom Ladden-Powell

Head of Content and SEO

No pic of Lucinda Stewart available yet!

Lucinda Stewart

Trader Recruitment and Retention

No pic of Nathalia Bannister available yet!

Nathalia Bannister

SEO & Content Marketing Manager


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Finance & Legal

Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, these guys make sure everyone follows the rules.

No pic of Vicky Loubeau available yet!

Vicky Loubeau

Head of Finance


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The guys with the plan, calling the shots and making the tea.

No pic of Camilla Benitz available yet!

Camilla Benitz

Local Heroes Director


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