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Broken Tap Repair & Replacement

Local Heroes has helped hundreds of people with their tap repair across the UK. Enter your details below to search prices and availability.

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Broken Tap Repair & Replacement

Why you should get a plumber to fix your broken tap

When taps are new, they turn quickly and easily. But after a few years, you may find it harder to turn your taps on or off. It’s easy to ignore these subtle changes – until the day your tap’s handle won’t turn at all.

This can be due to age, friction, limescale or a faulty washer. And although this seems like a straightforward, do-it-yourself job, it’s worth getting a plumber to help you. If the wrench slips, you can crack your basin or damage the tap and washer for good.

Your plumber will discuss the work with you and arrange a time to visit that suits you. They’ll turn off your water supply to avoid flooding and gently loosen the tap handle, clean the valves and look out for any worn parts, grit or limescale buildup. They’ll replace anything that’s too damaged to use again and give everything a good clean.

How can Local Heroes help?

If you’re stuck with a tap that won’t turn on or off, you want to get help quick. But finding a local expert who can work around your schedule often takes hours. We have hundreds of qualified plumbers on our platform. Simply tell us where you are and we’ll match you with a Local Hero.

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