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Wall plastering - large room

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Wall plastering - large room

Why you should get a plasterer to plaster the walls of a large room

The key to perfect plastering is to do the entire wall in one go. If you stop part way through to mix up more plaster you’ll always see the join. Or if you’re simply not fast enough to complete the job in one go, the plaster won’t dry evenly and you’ll get a lumpy finish. So when it’s a large room, it’s always worth getting an experienced plasterer to tackle the job.

An experienced plasterer brings the specialist equipment they need, like plasterer’s stilts to get to those hard-to-reach corners. Planks and trestles mean they don’t have to keep stopping to move the ladders. And if the room is particularly large, they’ll bring a labourer with them to mix as they go along. That way they don’t have to stop half way through, leaving you with a seam that you’ll always see – even if you’re planning to paper the wall after they’ve finished.

How can Local Heroes help?

We’re here to help you find skilled and vetted local tradespeople quickly and easily. Our on-demand, end-to-end service is simple to use – start by telling us where you are and what needs doing. We’ll give you a price estimate straight away. Then choose a date and time and we’ll find an experienced plasterer in your area.

Your Local Hero will get in touch to discuss the work and instantly give you a quote for the job. You can then decide to go ahead or cancel the job for free. When the job’s done, you don’t have to worry about having cash at hand. Simply use your debit or credit card to settle up on the Local Heroes platform and we’ll give you a 12-month guarantee.

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