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Frequently Asked Questions for Heroes

How does Local Heroes work for Heroes? Read the most commonly asked questions and more.

I've won my first job, how does the process work? Much like jobs you already do, we just help you do it online. You’ll need to accept jobs, quote for them, do the work, and finally, request payment. The general steps are outlined below:
flow chart showing Local Heroes job progress
How are jobs allocated? Jobs are offered to all relevant Heroes in the area, based on which heroes have said they are available and who’s waited the longest. If you’re allocated a job, you’ll have 10 minutes to accept the it, otherwise it will be allocated to the next available hero.
How will I receive jobs? You will receive notifications via SMS messages and email. If you accept a job and are matched with a customer, you will be sent their contact details and can then contact them to arrange the job.
I'm clicking "I'm Available" but not receiving any jobs This could be for several reasons:
  • You’re not responding quickly enough to job offers – Keep an eye out for job notifications and respond as soon as possible.
  • There could be a lot of Heroes in your area – Keep responding to job notifications and you’ll be allocated to a customer soon.
If you’ve recently been assigned a Local Heroes job you may have to wait a while to take another - To make things fair, we give priority to Heroes who have already said they are available and have been waiting a while to be assigned a job.
How do I manage my jobs? You can see details of all your jobs on the Hero Portal. A link to the portal should have been sent to you when you joined, enabling you to easily see and manage all your jobs. You can see which jobs you’ve completed, what you have booked in, and new features are being added all the time. Here’s a quick training video to help you make the most of the portal:
Can I reschedule a job? If another job has run over or you need to get parts and you want to change the appointment time, please let the customer know as soon as possible by calling them to agree a new time. Once you have agreed a time you can update the job by hitting the ‘Edit date’ button on the job’s page in the Hero Portal or via your most recent SMS or email job link.
Local Heroes app - change appointment
Both customer and trader can have the option to cancel a job at any time, but you should always explain to the customer why you are cancelling and provide details to Local Heroes when you do
How do I cancel a job? If you click the job link in your SMS messages or email, you will be able to cancel the job from there. You should always explain to the customer why you are cancelling the job. You will also be asked to give a description as to why you are closing the job when you do.
Can I reopen a job if I accidentally close it? This feature will be added soon! For now, please contact us on the details below.
After a closer look, the job is bigger or smaller than I quoted for, what do I do? Once you're job is at the 'Waiting for approval' or 'Quote accepted' state you can adjust your quote by pressing the button near the bottom of the page that's labelled 'Edit and resend quote'. Please ensure that the customer has approved the new quote before you start working.
Screenshot showing an updated job quote to send
The customer wants a second job done, can I book an additional job for them? Yes, its simple! Just look out for the "Open additional job" button when you send the payment request, or after your customer has paid for their original job.
Screenshot showing opening an additional job
Are there job targets I need to meet? There are no job targets. You can use Local Heroes jobs to fill spare slots in your diary, so you can take jobs only when you need/want them. We simply connect you with customers and do not impose dress codes, working hours or job targets.
Do I have to wear Local Heroes or British Gas branded clothing? Definitely not. We simply connect you with customers and do not impose dress codes, working hours or job targets.
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How can I access the Hero Portal? Check that you are signed up by following these simple steps: 1. Go to https://jobs.localheroes.com 2. Click "Sign up", enter your email address registered with Local Heroes and create a password. 3. You will get an email asking you to Verify your email address. Here’s a quick training video to help you make the most of the portal: [View on YouTube](https://youtu.be/oilNdFd-reQ)

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I am not receiving emails from Local Heroes Please send an email explaining your issue to heroes@localheroes.com using the address you registered with. We will get back in touch to make sure your contact details are set up correctly.
How do I change/update my contact details, trade, certifications or work area? To change your contact details, trade, certifications or work area, you will need to contact us on the details below.
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How do I contact the customer? The customer’s contact details will be sent to you via SMS messages and email once you’ve been allocated their job. Each jobs customer details will be also always available through your Hero Portal.
What if I cannot contact the customer? We recommend that you don’t travel to the job until you are able to contact the customer and finalise the appointment. If you have tried calling them several times, you should also send the customer an email with the email address provided in the job details. If there is no reply within 24 hours, we advise you to cancel the job. You will be asked to give a reason for the cancellation, where you should describe what steps you’ve taken to contact the customer (please provide the dates you attempted to contact the customer).
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Can I alter my quote? After you have submitted a quote you can alter it by clicking the ‘Edit and resend quote' button on the job status page, accessed from your most recent job SMS or email link.
Screenshot showing an updated job quote to send
When should I quote? A small job can be discussed on the initial call with the customer and quoted over the phone. If the job requires a visit, then you should quote whilst at the customer’s home - remember there is no call out fee to the customer.
I know there is no call out fee for the customer, but can I charge for a diagnostic visit? If the problem is likely to take a long time to diagnose, a diagnostic fee can be charged as long as you will physically complete diagnostic work and give advice to the customer. We would always advise that you send the customer a quote for the diagnostic fee and ensure they accept before carrying out the work - for further work on the job, you can requote once you have a better idea of what needs to be completed.
How should I price? We do not fix the price you charge. Our estimated ranges are a guide based on our experience and market rates. Remember - customers are price conscious. The quote you give may determine whether the customer confirms they want you to carry out the work.
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Do Local Heroes promotions affect how much I get paid? Any promotions we run will not affect how much we pay you. You will get paid the full amount and we cover the discount. You should follow the normal quoting process.
When/how do I receive payment for the work I have completed? You will receive payment 7-14 days after the customer has paid. We will always pay you on a Friday by midday through our automatic payment process. You will receive payment as a direct debit into your account. (Payment for any job completed between 00:00 on Sunday and 23:59 the following Saturday will be made the following Friday providing the customer has paid.)
Can I ask for payment up front? No, we do not allow payments up front. All payments should be made by the customer after the job is completed via credit/debit card through the job link provided
When should I create and send the bill to the customer? You should create the bill once the job is complete. If you create and send the bill to the customer whilst you’re still on site, they’re much more likely to pay immediately- which means we can pay you quicker! to them via SMS or email.
The customer paid me cash, what do I do? Please follow Local Heroes cash process that you can find in your welcome pack. All payments should be made by the customer after the job is completed via Debit/Credit card on the Local Heroes website. Choosing to accept cash payments may result in you being removed from the system.
What if a customer refuses to pay? We handle this on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us directly on the phone number or email address below with details about the job if the customer refuses to pay.
Who do I invoice? There is no need to invoice Local Heroes as we have an automatic payment process. You should invoice the customer after the job is complete through the link Local Heroes will send to you via SMS and email.
Why do you charge VAT if I’m not VAT registered? We charge VAT as Local Heroes (British Gas) is a VAT registered business. Therefore, we must charge VAT to our traders regardless of whether they themselves are VAT registered.
What happens if I want to change my bank account details? You will need to contact us on the details below to change your bank details. This can take up to 3-4 weeks and during this time your payment will go into your old bank account.
What happens if I don’t receive my invoices or remittance? You should email us at finance@localheroes.com and we will be happy to resend you a copy.
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I still have questions, who do I talk to? General Enquiries at heroes@mylocalheroes.com Finance Queries finance@mylocalheroes.com
If your query is urgent, you can call us on 0203 879 4396.
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Why are you shutting down? We've made the difficult decision to close Local Heroes and focus on growing demand for our British Gas services business.
Is work still covered by the 12-month guarantee? Yes, work you have completed will still be guaranteed for 12 months after the job was completed.
What happens to the customers I have previously served? Any customers you have previously served may now reach out to you directly, in which case, with Local Heroes no longer in operation, you will not be required to put jobs through the platform, and you can deal with the customer directly.
How long do I have to complete the job? The last Local Heroes job leads will pass through the platform on the 20th of October 2023, after which, customers will be redirected to British Gas. You will have until the 4th of November 2023 to follow up on any leads and complete jobs through the platform.
When will services be stopping? Local Heroes will stop offering all services to customers on the 20th of October 2023 and all jobs should be completed by the 4th of November 2023.
Will I still be paid for jobs completed? As long as the customer has completed payment by the 3rd of December 2023, you should receive all outstanding payments for work through Local Heroes by the 13th of December 2023. After that date, you may seek collection of the sums due to you from the customer directly.
What happens to my bank details? As your payment details sit with third party payment merchants Stripe as part of a connect account, your client agreement is with them. If you wish to close your Stripe connect account, you can contact them directly here.
What happens to my personal details? To find out how we use your personal data, please refer to our privacy policy here.
Are there other job opportunities available at British Gas or its related companies? Yes! If you are looking for a new contract or permanent role, please visit P.H. Jones and Centrica to find out more about new opportunities available within our family of brands.

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