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Local Heroes boiler installs - How it works

It’s worth familiarising yourself with the Local Heroes boiler installation process - it’s slightly differently to our standard Local Heroes work.

Here you can find out:

1. You’ve got to do a survey

You’ll need to do a survey physically or remotely (video/photos) and provide the Local Heroes team with the quote.

We know a good survey means we can provide a good price, as well as ensuring the install goes smoothly.

2. We don’t take commission on these jobs

You’re free to quote your required labour for these jobs, but unlike standard Local Heroes jobs we won’t take any commission.

3. We provide the parts, just tell us what you need and your labour costs

We’ve designed a tool to capture your parts and labour requirements. This tool helps us provide a fast competitive quote to the customer. Use this tool while carrying out the survey to tell us what parts you’d need to make the install a success. If the customer has a competing quote tell us, we’ll try to beat it.

The parts can be collected from a collection point before the install.

If you have any problems completing the survey contact us boilerinstalls@localheroes.com

Survey parts and labour tool

4. We provide a quote to the customer

Unlike standard Local Heroes jobs, you won’t provide a quote through Toolbox. We’ll manage the quote with the customer for you and let you know if it has been successful.

5. Treat the customer as one of your own

We recommend you call the customer promptly when you’ve accepted the job and have agreed the date and time of the survey with the customer. You’ll get the best response if you call them within an hour of getting the job.

Conduct the survey at the agreed time even if you don’t manage to make contact with the customer beforehand.

6. Give us the warranty details

Some of our boilers will have different levels of warranty from the ones you would normally be able to offer. To make sure there are no mistakes, you need to send a photo of the boiler and the data badge (so we have the serial number, make and model). Email us at boilerinstalls@localheroes.com

Don’t forget we’re on hand to support you and the customer throughout the process, just email the Local Heroes team at boilerinstalls@localheroes.com.

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The process we follow is pretty straight forward, but it’s worth having a quick read to remind yourself before your next job.

You can always refer back to this page if you’re not sure what happens next.

The survey

1. Survey dates

You’ll receive leads with potential dates for you to conduct a survey and agree a date.

2. Contact the custmer

Once you accept the job you’ll havew the customer’s details, contact them to agree the survey.

3. Survey

Conduct the survey either physically or remotely (video/photos) at the time agreed, even if you don’t manage to speak to the customer beforehand.

The Quote

1. Parts & labour

Complete the survey parts and labour tool. This will let you tell us exactly the parts you would need and quote your labour. It helps us provide a fast competitive quote to the customer.

If the customer already has a competing quote let us know

2. LH Quote to customer

We’ll provide the customer with a quote based on your labour cost and the parts needed.

3. Approval & Deposit

Once the customer approves the job we’ll take a deposit for the install.

Confirm install date: We’ll agree a date for the install with you and the customer

Parts and materials

1. Email parts confirmation

We’ll send you the code you need to collect the parts from your nearest collection point

2. Quick check on the day

We’ll call you before 9am to check you’ve got the parts and are attending the install

The install

1. Fit the boiler and commission it

Follow the manufacturer’s process for fitting the boiler.

2. Sign the manual

Fill in the manual, sign it and leave it with the customer. Taking a photo of the boiler data badge and a note of the serial number.

3. Tell them how to use it

Explain how to use the boiler and the thermostat and leave the instructions with customer.

4. Contact details

Give the customer your details in case they have a question

After the install

1. Customer payment

We’ll take payment for the install

2. Warranty

We will ensure the boiler is registered with the correct length of warranty. Send a photo of the boiler and the data badge to us (so we have the serial number, make and model). Email us at boilerinstalls@localheroes.com

3. Manage your jobs

Toolbox will show you when a payment has been made, you can also check on jobs that are in progress or have been completed

4. Get paid

Within 6 - 13 days of the customer payment you’ll get paid

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