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Smoke alarm repair

Local Heroes has helped hundreds of people with their smoke alarm repair at an average cost of £95. Enter your details below to search prices and availability.

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Smoke alarm repair

Why you should get an electrician to fix your smoke alarm

Smoke alarms stand guard around the clock. They’re vital to keep you and your family safe – whether you’re sleeping or out and about. To keep these alarms in good working order, it’s important to test them regularly.

The first sign of a faulty alarm is a chirping noise or intermittent sounds in a lower pitched tone. If your smoke alarm works with batteries, it could be an easy, do-it-yourself fix. Start by testing the batteries – if they’re low on power, you have to replace them. Also give the unit a good wipe to get rid of dust or dirt that may have built up. If none of these tips seem to do the trick, it’s time to get a replacement smoke alarm. Especially if your current one is older than 10 years.

If you have a mains-powered smoke alarm, there could be an issue with the wiring. Fixing this involves working with electricity, so it’s vital to get a Part P qualified electrician to do a thorough assessment. They’ll replace faulty wires, repair broken parts and secure loose connections.

How can Local Heroes help?

To fix your mains-powered smoke alarm, we recommend hiring a Part P qualified electrician. They’re the only tradespeople who are certified to work with electricity in and around your house. We have hundreds of these professionals on our platform – simply tell us where you are and we’ll match you with a Local Hero in minutes.

We guarantee every job for 12 months and also ask all our customers for honest feedback. So we’re confident that our electricians will do the job safely and in line with today’s industry standards.

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