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Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke Alarm Installation

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Why you should get an electrician to install your smoke alarm

Smoke alarms are vital to keep your family safe from fire or smoke inhalation. But before you install one, there are a few factors to consider. You’ll have to think about the location, the number of smoke alarms to install to safeguard your entire home and the general maintenance afterwards.

We recommend installing a smoke alarm on every level of your home, including all bedrooms and the basement. And to avoid false alarms going off in the kitchen or near the bathroom, don’t place the detector too close to cooking appliances or the shower.

Mains-powered smoke alarms are wired to your electrical circuit. So for a smooth and safe installation, we recommend getting a Part P qualified electrician out to help. Your electrician will drill holes in the appropriate spaces, run and secure the cables, connect the system to your power circuit and finally test the smoke alarms before leaving.

How can Local Heroes help?

When you’re hiring a tradesperson to work with electricity, you can’t rely on their reputation alone. The only professionals qualified to do these types of jobs are Part P qualified electricians. They’re certified to work with electricity in and around your home. To find one in your area, simply tell us where you are and we’ll match you with a Local Hero in minutes.

We ask all our customers for honest feedback and guarantee every job for 12 months. So when we recommend someone, we’re confident they’ll do the job safely and to the highest of standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, smoke alarms and heat detectors are vital for keeping your family safe from fire or smoke inhalation.
We advise placing smoke alarms on every floor of your home. To avoid false alarms, don't put them too close to cooking appliances or the shower.

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