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Install light switch

Local Heroes has helped hundreds of people with their light switch installation at an average cost of £100. Enter your details below to search prices and availability.

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Install light switch

Why you should get an electrician to install a light switch

Whether you’re replacing a faulty light switch unit or have decided to update a room with a sleeker-looking unit, we recommend booking an electrician for the job. Installing a light switch involves working with electricity, so it’s essential to hire a professional.

Your electrician will first switch off the power supply before turning their attention to the existing wires. If the ends are rough or damaged, they’ll carefully clip these parts to make sure the wires and stress points won’t fail in the future. They’ll then place the switch in position, attach the power and grounding wires and screw on the cover plate. When they’re done, they’ll turn the power back on and test your new light switch before they go.

How can Local Heroes help?

We work around the clock to make sure you’re getting the best service from your electrician. After every job, we ask our customers for open and honest feedback and we guarantee the work for 12 months. So you know you’re in safe hands.

This guarantee is backed by British Gas and covers the labour and all parts. If something goes wrong in the first 12 months, simply call your Local Hero and explain the issue. We always give them the opportunity to put things right first. But if you’d like to speak to a member of our team, just give us a call.

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