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Fuse Box Keeps Tripping

Fuse Box Keeps Tripping

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Why you should get an electrician to maintain your fuse box

Your fuse box helps to distribute electricity evenly around your home. With built-in fuses and switches, it’s designed to trip as soon as there’s a fault or electricity overload somewhere – so it keeps you and your home safe.

Generally, fuse boxes don’t need a lot of maintenance. But as with all appliances, wear and tear eventually set in and you may have to reset a tripped switch or replace a blown fuse from time to time. To keep things running smoothly, we recommend getting a licensed electrician to give your fuse box a thorough once-over and trip and reset circuit breakers to stop corrosion. Your electrician will also spot faults early, replace any worn or corroded parts and test connections to make sure everything is working as it should.

How can Local Heroes help?

When it comes to maintaining your fuse box, you don’t want to rely on someone’s reputation alone. We have hundreds of skilled professionals on our platform and can match you with a local electrician in minutes. All you need to do is tell us where you are and we’ll do the rest.

We vet every tradesperson and take our customer feedback seriously. So when we match you with an electrician, we know they’ll do the job safely and to the highest industry standard. We also guarantee their work for 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

If power has gone off in a certain part of your home (rather than all over the house), that's often a sign that a circuit breaker has tripped.
An electric overload happens when too much current passes through electric wires.
Short circuits happen when electrical circuit wires or wire connections are exposed or damaged.
A ground fault is a type of short circuit where a wire makes contact with either the grounding wire or a grounded portion of the system, such as a metal electrical box.
If your fuse box keeps tripping you should get it checked by an electrician.
A faulty electrical appliance or an overloaded circuit usually causes a fuse box to trip.

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