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Installing, Repairing & Replacing Plug Sockets

Installing, Repairing & Replacing Plug Sockets

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Why should you get your sockets installed, repaired, or replaced by an electrician?

Plug sockets enable us to use electricity throughout the house when we plug in our domestic appliances. However, over time sockets may become damaged or scorched requiring a replacement, or often people wish to change their single plug sockets to double to allow extra electricity use.

There are two different types of socket to choose from – surface or flush-mounted. Whilst surface-mount sockets are easier to install or replace, flush-mounted sockets look better aesthetically as they don’t stick out. If your plug socket has become damaged or you require socket installation or replacement, always hire a professional electrician for the job who is 100% confident working with electricals and aware of the regulations when adding a socket to the circuit.

How can Local Heroes help?

Whether you’re revamping your home interiors or the plugs in your home have been damaged and out of use, a Local Heroes electrician is on hand to help. Local Heroes will help you find a trusted electrician in your local area, saving you time and energy searching. Local Heroes electricians will carry out all socket work to the highest possible standard, leaving your plugs safe to use.

Why an electrician?

From fixing a plug socket to installation and rewiring, Local Heroes electricians are fully qualified to carry out electrical jobs in a safe and professional way. Hiring a registered electrician over a handyman to repair smaller electrical faults or complete socket installation tasks will put your mind at ease and if your electrician comes across a more complex issue, they will know the best possible solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common reason why a wall socket won't turn off is a worn out spring on the switch. However, consult a professional to clarify.

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