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Drainage pipe connection

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Drainage pipe connection

Why you should get an engineer to connect drainage pipes

Before you do any pipework, it’s important to pinpoint the existing drainage runs on your property. You’ll find all the details in your property deeds. These documents highlight existing underground drainage pipes, as well as any changes over the years.

There are several pipe connectors – including straight connections, plastic bends, T-junctions, couplers and more. The type of connector depends on your pipes, soil and layout of your property. So to make sure you connect your drainage pipes safely and within building regulations, we recommend asking a qualified drainage engineer for help.

They’ll do a thorough assessment of the work and choose the right pipes and connections for your property. They’ll dig carefully and meet the minimum gradient requirements for surface and foul water drainage. Once they’ve lubricated and connected the pipes, they’ll check for leaks and carefully cover any trenches.

How can Local Heroes help?

When it comes to getting work done in and around the house, it’s best to get a local professional. You’ll save on paying for their travelling costs and it’s also easier to coordinate diaries. But finding a qualified drainage engineer nearby can take hours of research.

At Local Heroes, we take the hard work out of searching. We have hundreds of professionals on our platform and our team vets each and every one of them. Simply tell us where you are and we’ll match you with a local drainage engineer in minutes. And for that extra peace of mind, we’ll even guarantee the work for 12 months

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Why a Drainage Engineer?

Why not a plumber? The jobs of drainage engineers and plumbers cross over more than any other trade, but in general terms, plumbers deal with the internal systems of the home, whereas drainage engineers are concerned with the external systems, ensuring water, sewage and other materials can flow efficiently. Drainage engineers are responsible for identifying why systems fail and providing a solution.

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