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External drain smells

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External drain smells

Why you should get a drainage engineer to fix an external drain

If one of your outdoor drains suddenly starts to smell, it’s often the first sign of a potential problem. This is not uncommon – and fixing it can be simple or more complex. Many people pour liquid food and oil down their drains, thinking everything will wash away. But food particles can easily get stuck and start to decompose – which is the source of many unpleasant smells.

Another reason for an offensive smell is a partial blockage. This happens when you accidently wash down non-decomposable items down the drain. If your drain is partially blocked, waste will accumulate around it and start to smell.

If you’re certain that none of these apply to you, the problem can be the actual pipes or connections. These can rust and absorb foreign materials as the years go by – and cause bad smells as a result.

To fix any external drain problems, we recommend calling a qualified drainage engineer. They have all the tools, equipment and qualifications to quickly identify the problem and discuss the best solution.

How can Local Heroes help?

We have hundreds of qualified drainage engineers on our platform. Our team vets each and every one of our tradespeople, so we know they have the right accreditations and experience to deal with your drain problem quickly and professionally.

All you have to do is tell us where you are and we’ll match you with a Local Hero in minutes. They’ll do a thorough assessment and discuss their recommendations in detail. They’ll also have all the right tools with them to make an accurate diagnosis.

We ask all our customers for open and honest feedback and guarantee each job for 12 months – so when we recommend someone, you know you’re in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can cause smelly drains?Often food gets stuck in drains and starts to rot, causing bad smells. It could also be pipes or connections. These can rust over the years, absorbing foreign particles which can create nasty smells.

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