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Blocked Toilet Drain

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Blocked Toilet Drain

Why should you get your blocked toilet drain fixed by a Drainage Engineer?

A blocked toilet is an inconvenience that most of us will be reluctant to fix ourselves. If you notice that your toilet drain is blocked, you can take some initial steps. Firstly, make sure there is nothing in the toilet that doesn’t belong there. Secondly, try plunging your toilet to help with the blockage. If the plunging fails, this could be due to the blockage being too far down the drain or could be a more serious issue with the pipes. Calling a Local Heroes drainage engineer will ensure the blockage is fixed efficiently and in a sanitarily way, saving you time and energy to get the job done.

How Local Heroes can help?

Local Heroes can help you find highly qualified drainage engineers in your local area, saving you time searching for the right tradesman and instead providing you with a selection of the experienced specialists to choose from. If you’re experiencing any drainage issues, a Local Hero is on hand to help.

A Local Heroes drainage engineer will assess the blocked toilet drain and identify the cause. Usually, toilet paper, wipes and sanitary products are the cause of a blockage due to not dissolving easily, and this build-up can happen over a long period of time. Calling a Local Hero will be the quickest and easiest solution, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

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Why a Drainage Engineer?

Why not a plumber? The jobs of drainage engineers and plumbers cross over more than any other trade, but in general terms, plumbers deal with the internal systems of the home, whereas drainage engineers are concerned with the external systems, ensuring water, sewage and other materials can flow efficiently. Drainage engineers are responsible for identifying why systems fail and providing a solution.

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