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Outside Drain Unblocker

Outside Drain Unblocker

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Why should you get your blocked external drain fixed by a Drainage Engineer?

Blocked drains are a common household issue however it’s easy to forget about outside drains and revert to panic if an external drain becomes blocked. Blocked external drains need fixing quickly to ensure your internal drainage system doesn’t suffer as a consequence. Although you can take measures to prevent blocked external drains, if you do notice a blockage, call a professional who can identify the problem and provide the best solution. Drainage engineers are trained to fix blocked drains and will use the correct equipment to ensure no further damage is done.

How Local Heroes can help?

Local Heroes can help you find highly qualified drainage engineers in your local area, putting forward experts for you to hire who will complete the job efficiently. You can read ratings and reviews from previous customers, and trust that Local Heroes will deliver a top-quality service.

A Local Heroes drainage engineer will assess the problem, for instance a blocked external drain, identify what the cause is and fix the drain to the highest possible standard. Blocked external drains can happen at any time of year, however we see a lot more during autumn as leaves fall from trees and get lodged in drains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wipes, tissues, sanitary products and even hair can block drains.
You are responsible for maintaining or repairing any drains inside the boundaries of your property but your water company is responsible for lateral drains – or sewers – that you share with your neighbour.
A drain serves one property whereas a sewer is the point where drains meet. They serve multiple properties.
If your toilet, bath, shower or sinks are draining slowly – or not at all – then your drains may be blocked.
Put on a glove and see if there's any debris you can remove by hand. Next, try a plunger or drain unblocker. If you're still having no luck, it's time to call a professional.
It depends on the problem. Sometimes drains can be unblocked by hand or using plungers. For more stubborn blockages, rods or drain jets may be used.
Drain jetting works by pumping water into your drain through a high-pressure hose fitted with a jetting nozzle.

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Why a Drainage Engineer?

Why not a plumber? A simple explanation is that problems concerning water coming into your home need plumbers, whereas problems concerning water coming out of your home need drainage engineers i.e. blocked drains. Drainage engineers have the expertise to determine where the blockage is in your external drain, the likely cause and the best solution.

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