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Outside Drain Unblocker

Local Heroes has helped hundreds of people with their external drain repair across the UK. Enter your details below to search prices and availability.

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Outside Drain Unblocker

Why should you get your blocked external drain fixed by a Drainage Engineer?

Blocked drains are a common household issue however it’s easy to forget about outside drains and revert to panic if an external drain becomes blocked. Blocked external drains need fixing quickly to ensure your internal drainage system doesn’t suffer as a consequence. Although you can take measures to prevent blocked external drains, if you do notice a blockage, call a professional who can identify the problem and provide the best solution. Drainage engineers are trained to fix blocked drains and will use the correct equipment to ensure no further damage is done.

How Local Heroes can help?

Local Heroes can help you find highly qualified drainage engineers in your local area, putting forward experts for you to hire who will complete the job efficiently. You can read ratings and reviews from previous customers, and trust that Local Heroes will deliver a top-quality service.

A Local Heroes drainage engineer will assess the problem, for instance a blocked external drain, identify what the cause is and fix the drain to the highest possible standard. Blocked external drains can happen at any time of year, however we see a lot more during autumn as leaves fall from trees and get lodged in drains.

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Why a Drainage Engineer?

Why not a plumber? As a rule, remember ‘inside for a plumber, outside for a drainage engineer’. A plumber’s job is a lot more familiar to most, and you might be left wondering what exactly does a drainage engineer do? Drainage engineers are trained to ensure water, sewage and materials can flow efficiently between systems. If you have any issues with blocked drains, clogged toilets or sinks not draining properly, a drainage engineer is the tradesperson for you.

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