What is your relationship to British Gas

We are fully part of British Gas. The Local Heroes name and the “a British Gas Innovation” is just there to slightly differentiate the service we are offering and to show we are providing something new and exciting!


What is the British Gas guarantee?

Full details of the guarantee can be found here.


How do I contact you?

See our contact details on our Contact Us page here.


When I book a job through your site, will I get a British Gas engineer?

You might.

However this service primarily uses trusted and vetted local traders to solve your problem. This means you get local traders, with local knowledge, and great pricing.

If no local trader is available we may use a British Gas, Dyno, or any other engineer from the British Gas family, but you will still get the great local trader pricing.


How do you vet local traders?

We understand that inviting someone you don’t know into your house can be a cause for concern. This is why we vet local traders to ensure:

  • They are who they say they are.
  • They have the appropriate insurance in place.
  • They adhere to health and safety practices.
  • They have the appropriate qualifications for the job (eg Gas Safe certificates)
  • They don’t have a criminal record (DBS checks – previously called CRB checks)
  • They are VAT registered

Furthermore we continually monitor the traders to ensure they continue to meet our criteria and we use the reviews you submit to help us do that.