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Need a Conventional Boiler installing?

Deciding to replace your boiler or installing a new central heating system in your home can be a daunting task. This is where our expertise can come in handy. We’ve put together a conventional boiler guide that explains how conventional boilers work, as well as their advantages and disadvantages - so you can make an informed decision on which boiler best suits your household’s needs. And if you’re looking for a different boiler type, check out our Combi Boiler and System Boiler guides.

What are they?

Conventional boilers are also called Regular, Traditional or Standard boilers. They’re ideal for homes that already have a traditional central heating system - this includes a boiler, radiators and a hot water cylinder.

They normally heat water in a hot water cylinder, taking cold water from the tanks located in the loft. Water is then circulated form the hot water cylinder to supply hot water throughout the home and to the radiators for heating.

In a conventional boiler system, the hot water cylinder is normally located in the airing cupboard. However, unvented hot water cylinders are becoming more popular - these can be installed anywhere around the property and do not require a tank in the loft to feed them as they work on mains water pressure. You can easily identify if you have an unvented cylinder as they are normally white.


  • Conventional boilers are a good choice for larger households with two or more bathrooms. This is because their hot water is supplied from a storage cylinder rather than the mains. They can therefore serve multiple taps and showers at once without a decrease in water pressure or temperature.
  • A conventional boiler (like a system boiler) can be connected to a solar heating system, which has both money-saving and environmental benefits.
  • If you already have a conventional boiler then this might be the easiest and cheapest option, as the new boiler will use most of the pipework that is already there.


  • Conventional boilers aren’t suited to small houses as they require both an airing cupboard and a loft.
  • A conventional boiler system is complicated to install because it has numerous different components. This makes installation more expensive and time consuming than with other types of boiler, like the single unit combi boiler.
  • Hot water cylinders can be energy inefficient, because if not well insulated they will lose heat over time.
  • As with a system boiler, your household will only be supplied with as much hot water as your storage cylinder can hold. Once the hot water is used up, you will have to wait for it to re-heat.

Up to 10 year warranty

Whichever boiler you decide is right for your household, Local Heroes offers a 12 month guarantee on all boiler installations alongside your up to 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. That way you know that if your boiler does break down, our experts will be over at the earliest opportunity to get your home back in running order.

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