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Boiler Types

As most homes have contained boilers for decades, there are many several different kinds of boiler. However, there are three types which are most common and will typically be found in most peoples's homes.

The three most common are: Conventional, Combi and System Boilers. Each performs the same task of providing hot water to your taps, showers and radiators, but slightly differently. Follow the links below to find out a little more about each kind.

Common boiler types

Combi Boiler

A modern type of boiler, combi boilers work by heating water from the mains on demand, providing a never-ending supply of hot water as and when you need it. Providing hot water and heating from a single unit, combi boilers don't need a storage tank.

Conventional Boiler

Sometimes called regular boilers, conventional boilers are ideal for homes with regular heating systems consisting of radiators, taps and showers. They require a tank in the loft as well as a hot water cylinder usually found in an airing cupboard.

System Boiler

Like a more modern version of a conventional boiler, system boilers have a hot water cylinder, but it lives within the main body of the boiler. Without needing to instantly heat water from the mains, a system boiler can be powered by a solar panel.

Brands we work with

At Local Heroes, we are proud to work with industry leading boiler manufacturers

Up to 10 year's warranty

Whichever boiler you decide is right for your household, Local Heroes offers a 12 month guarantee on all boiler installations alongside your up to 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. That way you know that if your boiler does break down, our experts will be over at the earliest opportunity to get your home back in running order.

Boilers Advice and Help

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