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Noisy Boiler

Noisy Boiler

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Why is your boiler making noises?

If your boiler is making noises, not only is it likely to frighten you if you’re home alone, but its symptomatic of a more serious issue. Although your boiler might seem to be working perfectly, it’s almost certain to break down in the near future. So, what are the noises to look out for and what is causing them?

  • Gurgling is a common sound to hear coming from your boiler, however if the noise is particularly loud, it can often be a sign of a deeper issue. You may have air trapped in a different part of the heating system (could also sound like whistling) and in this case you should try bleeding your radiators. Other reasons for this noise include low water pressure, a broken circulation pump or a frozen condensate pipe.
  • Whooshing sounds are often caused by blockages in the flue or air filter. These problems are relatively simple to fix and action should be taken quickly to avoid any further damage to the boiler.
  • Humming or whining sounds almost always require the help of a professional heating engineer. These sounds will buzz from inside your boiler and are commonly caused by a circulating pump set too fast, vibrating fans or loose components.

How can Local Heroes help?

If you’re not sure where to start with a noisy boiler, you can rely on Local Heroes to find you a professional heating engineer capable for the job. We’ll provide you with a list of experts in your local area for you to choose from. Those noises coming from your boiler will be hushed in no time, leaving you in peace and quiet.

Why a Heating Engineer?

If your boiler is making noises that are causing you worry, it’s always worth calling out a professional heating engineer who will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with the best possible fix. Any work on gas boilers must be completed by an engineer who is Gas Safe registered, ensuring that they can safely and legally work on your boiler. Remember, if you have a noisy boiler that’s causing you concern, whether its hissing, gurgling, humming or whooshing, a Local Hero is on always here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

This could be a couple of things. Firstly, there may be air in the pipes, in which case you'll need to drain it from the system. It could also be trapped water caused by a broken pump or limescale on your heat exchanger. The safest thing to do is turn off your boiler and speak to a professional for advice on next steps.
If your boiler is gurgling, bleed the system, check the water pressure and check the circulation pump. If it's vibrating, check the flue and air filter. If it's whining that could mean worn pump bearings, a defective burner or vibrating fans – and you should get it checked immediately by a professional.

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