Local Heroes Road Trip

Posted on 9/5/2016

This week we’re out on the road in the West Midlands, getting tradesmen on board with Local Heroes. We’ve partnered with City Plumbing, setting up stalls in their Minworth and Cannock branches on Monday. We’ve been busy explaining what Local Heroes is all about, answering questions, taking tradesmen’s details, and handing out sweets while we do!

The plumbers and heating engineers we’ve spoken to are really positive, which is exciting given that they’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Local Heroes here in the West Midlands when October comes!

Local Heroes Roadshow

We’re off to Stratford upon Avon City Plumbing bright and early on Tuesday morning and are in Leamington Spa in the afternoon. We’ll also be leaving each store with some reminders of what Local Heroes is all about to help generate more sign ups.

If you're interested in becoming a hero, get involved!