John Barnes and Tony Cottee: Behind the Scenes

Posted on 12/20/2017

Last month, Local Heroes challenged footballers Tony Cottee and John Barnes to a plumbing challenge in the city of Liverpool, home of some of their finest moments in (opposing) shirts.

Image of Local Heroes Chris and Alex

The Local Heroes, Alex and Chris, were chosen from the hundreds of plumbers in Liverpool working with the Local Heroes service and volunteered for the chance to work with their own personal heroes for the day.

The challenge took place at the City of Liverpool College and was filmed during the day, meaning there were a lot of people eager to see the celebrities, both in the college and on the road, causing John Barnes to offer some safe driving advice during a quick break.

You can see the results of the challenge here but with so much happening on the day that we wanted to share, we didn't think the original post was enough so we made another! Check out the pictures of the day and scroll down to see the outtakes and bloopers video.

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It wasn't just the challenges that didn't go so smoothly for John and Tony, with plenty of hiccups and mistakes that we couldn't fit in the final video, watch below for more moments:

You can view the full video here.