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Infrared heating - Change your health and home

Posted on 2/6/2018

We all know the sun makes us feel good. That’s why we Brits make 67 million trips abroad each year in search of some rejuvenating rays.

It’s commonly thought that standard household radiators take the place of solar heat when it’s not available to us – but this isn’t the case! When you move away from a radiator you feel cold because a conventional radiator only heats the air it comes into contact with.

To feel consistently warm, the air in the whole room needs to be heated continuously. This is a never ending task as warm air disappears out of a building as cold air enters. Turning this whole process on its head is infrared heating, an innovation destined to be a game changer. Infrared panels are cost efficient, require zero maintenance, have an extensive lifespan and numerous associated health benefits.

How does infrared heating work?

Infrared waves directly heat the solid objects in a room, like walls, furniture and people, but not the air in between. The heat then gradually releases from these thermal masses back into the room. Impressive!

The heating panels themselves are slim, stylish and easily installed, securing to ceilings or walls. Powered by mains electricity also means they’re at least 20% more energy efficient than a convection heater.

After fitting a couple of infrared panels at home recently I was amazed to discover how they generate such a comfortable heat that penetrates your body, making you calm and relaxed. More specific health benefits include the alleviation of aching joints and reduced air and dust movement, making this product even more practical for those suffering from joint pain, allergies and asthma.

Who’d have thought heating could be cool, cost efficient and healthy?

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