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Dishwasher repair

Local Heroes has helped hundreds of people with their dishwasher repair across the UK. Enter your details below to search prices and availability.

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Dishwasher repair

Does my dishwasher need repairing?

There are many reasons a dishwasher may need to be checked by an appliance engineer, including:

  • Warning light
  • Dishwasher not properly cleaning or drying dishes
  • Foul smell coming from the appliance
  • Dishwasher not draining or draining poorly
  • Dishwasher not dispensing detergent properly
  • Leaking water

Depending on the make and model of the dishwasher, your Local Hero should be able to identify the solution which, if it includes a new part such as a new pump or detergent dispenser, can help repair the dishwasher.

If the dishwasher needs a new pump or other part, your Local Hero can order and fit the part for you or simply identify the correct part for you to purchase if you prefer.

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Why an Appliance Engineer?

The assumption that plumbers are your go to tradesperson when you need appliance repair is unsurprisingly common. Whether it’s a problem with your dishwasher, fridge-freezer or washing machine, appliance repair often involves plumbing or electricals, which you would surely call the respective tradesperson to fix, right? Wrong. A qualified appliance engineer is trained to repair any domestic appliance whether it includes electricals or plumbing work. They have the necessary skills to reliably identify the problem and fix it.

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