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How to work from home better

Posted on 7/23/2020

For the time being the majority of us are stuck in our homes, trying to juggle both our jobs and life in isolation. For some, as far as working days go, this routine is normal. But for the rest of us who are used to a daily commute and the opportunity to enjoy our lunch hour whichever way we please, this WFH lifestyle is unfamiliar and can be unproductive.

So, for those finding it hard to stay in the right frame of mind and get as much done as they usually would, we’ve made some guidelines to help you work from home as well as the best of them.

  1. Start the day the right way

    The most important aspect of working from home is how you begin each day, because the first hour sets the tone for the rest of the day. So, set an alarm and rise as you usually would, enjoy a good shower and get properly dressed. You might feel like you can crack on in your PJs, but popping some jeans on and even wearing shoes can help you trick yourself into getting in the WFH zone.

    If you do want to make the most out of the extra time in bed, try setting aside one day a week for a lay in. Maybe make Fridays your ‘lay in day’ so you can use it as a reward if you get lots done from Monday to Thursday.

  2. Create a makeshift desk

    Now that you’re up with your laces tied and your hair sorted, it’s time to create a dedicated spot that you can achieve good focus in.

    It doesn’t have to be upright and stiff; you can get comfy and settle in. It just has to be in the same place, so your brain associates the spot with cracking on while you’re working and switching off while you’re not.

  3. Set a schedule

    Think of your normal routine and try to replicate it by setting a framework of where you need to be and what you need to be doing by a certain time.

    Stick to it and start at the same time each morning, take the same time out for lunch and try to end your day at the same time too.

  4. Video chat with colleagues

    It’s important that you keep up face time with your colleagues. Not just to discuss the latest presentation but also for the sort of friendly banter you’d have at work.

    You might not think it, but the nattering goes a long way when it comes to good mental health and helping you feel like your normal self. Everyone needs other people to stimulate their brain, even if that means through a screen.

    So, try using instant messaging services to chat and send images and keep the office buzz afloat!

  5. Separate family and work

    How you divvy up your time between your family and your work is very important, because the two of them don’t mix well. Kids get frustrated if you can’t keep them occupied and you’ll get nothing done if you can’t fully concentrate.

    So, if you can, try using a shift pattern with your partner so that you guarantee yourself some time dedicated to work.

  6. Trial and Error

    Not everyone can work in the same way whilst they’re at home. It’s important that you try new things and test out ways of working to mould a routine with practices that work best for you.

    Try things like setting a one-hour timer just before you crack on with a job and don’t break concentration until it ends. Or, use tea breaks as mini rewards you can indulge yourself with once you get certain tasks done. Also, be realistic with your time and allocate slots for checking the news and scrolling through social media.

  7. One last tip

    We suggest that you do your best to enjoy your time at home. Make the most of being around your family and within the living space you’ve poured your blood sweat and tears into. Take a stroll in the garden when you’re taking a call and kick your kids’ football against the wall. Use the time you’re saving by not commuting to learn a new skill. Why not practice asking for your favourite cocktail in Spanish as you look forward to a holiday in the future

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