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Why does my oven keep tripping the electricity?

Posted on 6/1/2021

If your dinner party plans keep getting scuppered by an oven tripping your RCD, then this article’s for you. We’ll talk you through the possible reasons why it’s happening and how to get things sorted.

What is an RCD?

RCD stands for residual current device. It’s basically a sensitive safety device that turns off your electricity if it detects a fault in the system, protecting people from powerful electric shocks.

Why is my oven tripping the electricity?

There are a number of reasons why ovens keep tripping. Here are some of the most common ones.

Too many appliances plugged in

If there are multiple appliances connected to the same circuit as the oven, this could be the issue. Unplug them and switch the oven back on. If it doesn’t trip, you’ve probably found the problem.

Overloaded circuit

If there are no other appliances connected, a qualified electrician will need to measure the power load on the circuit when the oven is on. If it’s too much then you’ll need to upgrade the circuit.

Damaged wiring

Your electrician may also check for a faulty circuit breaker or damaged insulation of the circuit wires.

Terminal block not tight enough

There’s a terminal block on the back of your oven that connects the oven’s internal wiring to its external cabling. If it isn’t properly tightened, this will create a faulty contact which will trip the power. You may even see signs of melting.

Faulty components

If your oven turns on without a problem – but trips the electricity when it’s turned up – there could be an issue with one of the heating elements inside. These can be easily replaced by an electrician.

There could also be other components causing problems like the selector switch, fan, thermostat or internal lamp. You can work out which one’s the guilty party by trying out different functions.

How to fix your oven tripping

Unplugging different appliances to see if they are overloading the circuit is something you can do yourself. But for everything else, you should use a qualified electrician. Electrical issues are always best left to the pros – it’s as simple as that.

Get your oven fixed or replaced today

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So if your oven’s tripping, let’s get it sorted.

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