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Where to place security cameras around your home

Posted on 11/8/2020

Unlike old-fashioned CCTV cameras, smart security cameras are light, compact and don’t require a lot of wiring. And that means you can put them just about anywhere.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best spots to install outdoor security cameras. But first, here’s a reminder of how they work and what they do.

How do smart cameras work?

Most manufacturers of smart cameras like Hive and Ring plug into a power socket and link with your home internet over Wi-Fi. You can then control them through an app on your smartphone.

What are the benefits of smart cameras?

Smart cameras use in-built motion sensors to detect people on your property. The moment they spot anything, they send an alert to your smartphone and start recording.

You can see what’s happening on the app on your phone and all footage is also stored remotely in the cloud so you can download and watch it later.

When you’re choosing an outdoor smart camera, make sure it’s weatherproof and has a wide field of vision, so it monitors as much of your property as possible.

Where are the best places to put security cameras?

When you’re thinking about setting up your security cameras, here’s what the stats tell us about where burglars break in:

  • 34% enter through front doors
  • 23% come through a first-floor window
  • 22% go through a back door
  • 9% sneak in through your garage doors
  • Basements and second floor windows are also quite common
  1. Front doors

    Your front door is the best place to put a security camera. Install high enough to prevent burglars tampering with it but low enough so it can get high quality footage of whoever’s on your property, up to 3 metres is typical.

    Also, if your camera is visible to potential intruders (i.e. not hidden up high) then it can act as a deterrent.

  2. First floor windows

    The next best spot is on a first-floor window. Remember that burglars are less likely to enter a window at the front of the house where they can be spotted, so put it at the back.

    To secure the camera to the wall you’ll need to be handy with a power drill. It’ll also need access to a power socket so make sure one is nearby.

    Most cameras come with fairly generous power cables but double check the length before you begin.

  3. Back doors

    If you want to install a camera on a back door, remember it will need to connect with your home Wi-Fi. So if you live in a large house make sure the signal is strong enough. If it isn’t you may need a signal booster.

    If you can, try and angle the camera so it covers any nearby downstairs windows too.

  4. Garages

    Garages attached to your house offer thieves another means of entry, so they are always worth protecting.

    But even if your garage is detached you still may keep valuables there that need to be protected, like bikes and garden equipment.

    If your Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach your detached garage, just point a smart camera on the wall of your home at your garage doors.

Use an indoor camera for security and more

Indoor smart cameras work just like outdoor ones: they connect to your Wi-Fi then give you control through an app on your phone.

They’ll fit anywhere inside your home and let you know the moment anything happens. They can also tell the difference between people and pets, so you won’t get an alert if your dog’s doing the rounds.

Indoor cameras have great uses beyond security. You can keep an eye on your pets while you’re at work or even use them as baby monitors. Set one up in your baby’s bedroom and check they’re sound asleep while you’re sitting in the living room – all from your smartphone.

Need more help installing your Ring camera?

We hope you’ve found our advice helpful. But we also know that every home is different.

If you need some more tips on where to put your outdoor security camera – as well as someone to install it – Local Heroes have a network of specialist Ring engineers that can help.

When you’re ready, you can book a Ring engineer right here.

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