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The best plumbing tools to own

Posted on 9/10/2018

If you’re thinking about trying your hand at some DIY plumbing you’re going to need the right tools for the job. Of course, plumbing can be tricky, so even with all the right gear things can still go wrong.

If you’re in any doubt, call a professional plumber. But if you’re feeling confident, here’s our guide to best tools to have in your box.

Picture of spanners An adjustable spanner is ideal for gripping rounded pipes

Adjustable spanner

In many ways, this is the most instantly recognisable tool in a plumber’s arsenal. The classic spanner - also known as a pipe wrench - is made to grip on rounded surfaces, making it ideal for pipes or rounded nuts and bolts.


These are a versatile addition to your kit, then give you another way of gripping or holding – especially in tight spaces.

Locking pliers

In lots of ways these are similar to regular pliers in design, but crucially they can be locked in to place – meaning you can work with both hands.


A hacksaw and a junior hacksaw. You’ll probably recognise these guys from your school days. Hacksaws can cut through almost anything, and the junior version is ideal when space is at a premium.

An image of a hacksaw cutting a pipe Hacksaws are great tools for sizing pipes

Pipe cutters

Despite the versatility of a hacksaw, pipe cutters are generally quicker and cleaner to use – although they aren’t adjustable. Which leads us to…

Image of a spirit level measuring a surface A spirit level ensures correct balance in all projects

Spirit level

This is a must-have for most DIY projects. Although you can often download spirit level apps for your smartphone, nothing beats the real thing.

Adjustable tube cutter

This is similar to a pipe cutter, but you can set the size depending on the tube you’re cutting.


Another classic. While a plunger may not be high tech, it shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to removing clogs.

Radiator key

The universal radiator key definitely has a place in your toolkit, just like bleeding radiators should have a place in your to-do list.

An image of a radiator key next to a radiator being adjusted A radiator key can regulate a home's heating system
Picture: Flickr


Finally, there are a number of staples that should be found in every tool box across the country; Allen keys, a hammer, a utility knife and a tape measure.

With all of these at your disposal you should be able to tackle any job thrown at you with ease.

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