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Summer plumbing - Keep your home summer ready

Posted on 7/17/2019

A long, cold and wet British summer is a well deserved cliché but sometimes, we do have long sustained periods of glorious sunshine; summer 2018 was the hottest on record and with most predictions expecting more of the same in the coming years, Brits may need some new cliches.

While long, dry spells may not suggest issues with your plumbing and drainage systems, there are actually many things that can cause issues during the summertime. Check out our seven tips to ensure your plumbing and drains keep in tip-top shape for when the summer ends.

  1. Water fights

    There are few things better than a neighborhood-wide water fight to break the heat of a beautiful summer day. Water balloons, hosepipes and water guns mean overly excited children rushing in and out of bathrooms, kitchens, garages and anywhere else with a tap to eagerly replenish ammunition.

    Making sure they’re turning taps off all the way can not only save thousands of litres of water a year but avoid needing tap repairs or replacements.

  2. A straight flush

    With children out of school over the summer, and parents home to take care, people throughout the day are using the toilets and, with people keeping nice and hydrated in the heat, more often too.

    Ensuring smaller children know not to flush too much toilet paper (or your keys!) down the toilet and keeping an eye on any potential leaks around the cistern can prevent future problems later.

  3. Busy washing machines

    Summer means kids spending more time outdoors and coming home happy, and not a little sweaty and dirty. An increased need for clean clothes can lead to extra pressure on your washing machine which, depending on the age and issue, could be an expensive issue to fix.

    Try to batch clothes and space out using the appliance as much as possible and check for kinks and leaks in drainage pipes. Any issues with the machine itself can be carried out by a Local Heroes appliance engineer.

  4. Sudden rains

    Summertimes in Britain may have improved recently, but we’re still prone to plenty of rain, and rain in the summertime can come fast and unexpected. With doors and windows wide open at all hours to fight the heat, a sudden downpour could lead to rainwater finding its way indoors.

    If you're leaving windows and doors open to tempt in a breeze, be sure to keep an eye on any weather changes

    If you’re leaving windows and doors open, be sure to keep an eye on the sky and the weather forecast.

  5. Food and drains

    More time at home means more meals at home, especially of fruits, salads and maybe a bit of barbecue. With more washing up or your dishwasher in operation more, the chances of food waste ending up down the drain goes up too.

    Make sure to scrape plates thoroughly before rinsing to avoid blocked or smelly drains.

  6. Too many showers

    With people taking more showers through the hot days and nights, whether to wash off the sand and dirt from days out, or simply to cool off, the increased drainage can quickly back up a home’s plumbing.

    Try to resist jumping in the shower more often than necessary, it'll save water and spare your drains

    Try to resist jumping in a cold shower too often and space out when family members take their turns. For young children who have been playing out, try to wipe off as much sand and dirt from knees and elbows as possible before showering.

  7. Breaking out the hose

    A coiled hose pipe that has spent the winter outside or in a cold shed may have frozen and thawed a couple of times, leading to leaks or reduced flexibility, particularly around the seal.

    Be careful when using for the first time, especially if the hose leads through the house over carpets or against wallpapered walls.

If you've put too much strain on your plumbing systems, a Local Hero is always available to help, come rain or shine.

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