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What are the benefits of smart doorbells?

Posted on 11/24/2020

As Smart Tech continues to offer more and more new ways of living our lives day to day, smart doorbells continue to grow in popularity. Let’s take a look at how companies like Ring are bringing convenience and security straight to your doorstep.

The simple convenience of a smart doorbell

Life can be a noisy business. And if you have a lot happening at home, it can be easy to miss the sound of your doorbell.

Smart doorbells don’t just chime out loud, they also send an alert to your smartphone so there’s less chance of you missing someone at your door.

So even if you’re in the garden, your doorbell is never out of earshot.

Smart doorbells help you protect deliveries

From food to fashion, more and more of our shopping is done online more online shopping means more deliveries. With quick, convenient and sometimes free delivery, the only problem is missing a delivery

But with a smart doorbell, that’s not a problem. If you’re not at home – or just can’t get to the door – you’ll get an alert straight to your smartphone when someone’s there. You can then open up the app to see who it is and speak to them straight through the camera. So if it’s your postman with a parcel, you can tell them where to put it.

Monitor whenever you need to

If you’ve always wanted a door camera for security reasons, then a smart doorbell is a great solution.

With motion detecting sensors, the moment a smart doorbell is triggered, it can send you an alert and allowing you to view a livestream to see exactly what’s happening.

The monitoring function is great for peace of mind. You know you’ll get an alert the moment anything happens. And you can always check in anytime.

Smart doorbells store footage securely in the cloud

When the footage from your cameras uses cloud storage, it mitigates the risk of anyone tampering with the camera. Even destroying the smart doorbell won't affect the footage as that's stored elsewhere, meaning that you will have the footage no matter what.

If you want to see what’s happened, you can download footage straight from the cloud and share it with the police or your neighbours if you need to.

Setting up a smart doorbell

Setting up is a two-part process: connecting the doorbell to your home Wi-Fi and installing the doorbell onto your wall.

Many smart doorbell manufacturers, including Ring, will guide you through linking your Wi-Fi to your doorbell.

Mounting your doorbell on your wall takes a little bit of DIY savvy – but if you’re confident with a drill then it’s certainly something you can do yourself.

Are smart doorbells worth it?

Short answer: yes. A smart doorbell provides above all convenience and peace of mind. With more and more of us using delivery services they’re a really helpful accessory for how we live our lives.

As for cost, you can expect to pay from about £90 for a smart doorbell with the essential security features.

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