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Three big tips for securing your home this winter

Posted on 11/15/2020

Christmas can be a busy time for criminals. So to make sure your home’s well protected let’s look at three ways you can beef up your security – starting with smart technology.

The convenience and security of smart doorbells

A smart doorbell attaches to your wall like any normal doorbell but provides smart home functionality which provides a much greater degree of convenience. Let’s look at the benefits of smart doorbells such as those from Ring.

Connected to your home Wi-Fi, most smart doorbells will notify you the moment someone presses the bell. Many also have built-in cameras and stream footage straight to an app on your phone. So you can see who’s at your door – and even speak to them with the two-way audio function. That’s great for the postman but what about potential thieves?

Protect your parcels

If you’re worried about someone pinching a parcel stashed on your doorstep, a smart doorbell will keep it protected.

The moment it detects anyone near your door, it’ll send you an alert and start recording, essentially acting as a security camera. Any footage it captures is stored in the cloud so you can download it and share it with the police if you need to.

Make thieves think twice

As smart doorbells grow in popularity, so does awareness, and it's long been established that cameras and other security equipment act as a deterrent to any would be thieves.

Installing a smart doorbell is fairly straightforward. Your app will help connect it to your home Wi-Fi. As for mounting the doorbell on your wall, you need to be comfortable with a drill, so a bit of DIY experience is helpful.

Capture thieves with smart security cameras

Smart security systems like those from our friends at Hive connect with your Wi-Fi then allow you to see what’s happening at home from wherever you are – all through an app.

Instant alerts when someone’s on your property

If you mount a smart camera on your front door, it will send you a notification when it detects someone and let you talk through two-way audio.

Hide your camera or use it as a deterrent

You can put smart cameras wherever you like, as long as they have access to a power source and your Wi-Fi. So you could hide them high up if you want to – or keep them visible to act as a deterrent.

Your footage is stored securely

If you want to see what’s happening, you can livestream any time. And any recordings your camera makes are stored securely in the cloud automatically.

The simple security benefits of outdoor smart lights

If you’re looking for a more affordable smart security solution, it’s worth looking into outdoor smart lights.

You can also connect smart lights with other smart devices. For example, with Hive you can link smart lights inside with your camera outside. So the moment your camera spots something your lights turn on automatically.

Secure window locks

Not everyone is comfortable with smart tech, but that doesn't mean you can't ensure your home's security. One of the most overlooked parts of the house is the security of windows.

Having key-operated locks on all downstairs and upstairs windows is an industry recommended best practice which can provide a level of security and peace of mind.

Again, just having visible locks on your windows is often enough to stop thieves in their tracks.

Can we help?

If you decide you want to install more locks, we can help. Local Heroes can connect you with a local locksmith in your area in minutes.

If you have a smart doorbell or camera system, either those from RinRingg, Hive or another manufacturer, Local Heroes can find a trusted local installer.

Whatever you need doing to make sure your home’s as secure as can be this winter – we’re here to help.

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