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Lockdown DIY - Home Painting Ideas

Posted on 4/9/2020

With the UK in lockdown, many people are spending far more time at home than usual. But instead of relying on box sets and snacks to ward off cabin fever, we can keep busy with tasks around the home.

One thing to get on with is housework, and we don’t mean regular cleaning and vacuuming, but real DIY jobs that you can sink your teeth into and spend a few days doing.

Tins of older or leftover paint work great for retouching and can save a trip to the shop

A lot of DIY jobs require a visit to a hardware store and even though a lot of them are open for professionals who need supplies for their livelihoods, it’s probably best you avoid unnecessarily popping in. So why not have a dig around in the garage or at the back of that cupboard full of odd bits and bobs? Tins of leftover paint can easily be put to use as touch up paint.

If you’ve got any spare left from when you painted anywhere in your home, now is the perfect time to fish it out and give your house a refresh wherever it needs it!

The walls inside your home

You see them every day so you might not notice any bits that need a retouch.

Start by going around your home with a meticulous eye, scanning the walls in search of any marks, smudges or scratches. Look behind furniture that rubs against the walls and in rooms where your kids spend their time, there’s a good chance you might find some patches that look a little tired.

Walls behind the furniture or where kids spend a lot of time will require regular attention

If you’re only retouching little areas, use a small bush, or the corner of a larger one if that’s all you have. You don’t want large new patches to stick out next to the surrounding paint that may have aged and changed slightly over time.

Outside looking in

Whether you have the entire exterior painted or just parts like window frames, a porch or a garage, they will all need touching up from time to time to keep them in good shape.

So, pick a nice, dry day and make sure you’re dressed in some old clothes.

Check that the surfaces you’re planning on painting are clean and dry and brush away the dust, dirt, cobwebs and flaking paint. Make sure to cut away any climbing plants and if you spot any mould, use a mixture of hot water and bleach to scrub it off. Use a wire brush if you have one or a broom with stiff bristles. If you use a ladder, always make sure someone is supporting it at the bottom.

Once the surfaces are ready, begin painting from top to bottom, making sure to mask any areas you don’t want the paint to touch with some sort of tape. Keep your drains paint-free by covering them with some old newspaper.

Face lift your fence

Aside from refreshing the overall look of the front of your house, a freshly painted fence can better withstand the years of rain and wind abuse much better. So, if yours are in need of a coat, use the time you have on your hands to get it done.

Whether metal or wooden, you should make sure to top up the paint on your fences every few years, with wooden fences especially in need of attention. Rain can cause them to rot and sunshine can make them split and crack, so they’re always slowly deteriorating no matter what the weather.

Constant exposure to rain and sun can cause wooden fences to swell and crack over time

Just like painting the exterior of your homes, before you start, make sure you scrub away any flaking paint or mould. To clear the area, cut away any unwanted plants that are in the way and if you have any that are precious that you want to keep paint-free, tie them back or cover them with a carrier bag.

Decorate your wooden furniture

Not just deck chairs, but tables, birdhouses and benches that have been stowed away over the winter need some love. Much like with wooden fences, a fresh coat can extend their life by giving them an extra layer of protection against the weather.

So now that you have the time, give them a lick of paint to get them ready for the up-coming summer sunshine. If you have any wood paint and a piece of outdoor furniture that’s natural wood, why not take on the project of making it look brand new?

Use your imagination

We’ve given you four jobs to keep yourself busy with a paint brush, but there’s no need to stop there. Use your spare paint as a to-do list and get creative and make sure that the paint you have is suitable for the surfaces you want to apply it to, and that you have enough of it to get the job done.

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