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Odd jobs for a long weekend's home improvement

Posted on 8/21/2018

For most people, DIY can be something to look forward to, especially when a long weekend offers the chance to get everything done! However, a lot of people will have had the same thought, leading to sports crowd-sized queues in and out of DIY warehouses.

With that said, here is the Local Heroes guide to odd jobs you can do in a long weekend requiring few or no tools at all.

Picture of a brush painting a wall Touching up paint scratches or chips can provide a wall a new lease of life

Touching Up Paint

We’ll start with one of the less interesting jobs, touching up paint. Naturally, this would have to be a quick once over, unless you’re a superhuman who can redo a whole house in the space of a few days, although if you are considering redecorating your home, check out our article on Paint vs Wallpaper.

Painting is not the most fun choice when it comes to DIY, and it’s certainly not the cleanest, but a simple touch up of a small area can be done in a long weekend.

Not only will this give your tired old walls a new lease of life, but you’ll have the hard-earned satisfaction of a job well done, letting you truly relax for the remainder of your time off.

Avoid running out of paint by always buying more paint than you think you'll need

Make sure you have the right paint and right amount. The last thing you want is for your paint to fail to cover the space, only then to turn out to be a different colour. Always purchase more than you think you’ll need and you should have no problem completing this task in a long weekend.

Regrouting the tiling

Okay, so maybe painting isn’t the messiest job on this list, though regrouting remains an important part of home DIY. Whilst you most likely won’t have as much surface area to cover compared to painting, you will still have to get deep in the cracks to remove the old grout, spread the new grout, and then dust and polish the tiles.

Close up picture of tiles and grouting Regrouting tiles can prolong their life and prevent the build up of mould

Again, this task is perfectly suited to a long weekend, but if you feel that regrouting may be above your skill level, or if you just plain don’t feel like doing it, be sure to check out Local Heroes and find a highly skilled and qualified grouter in your area today.

Close up picture of organised screws Having a tidy garage can provide much needed space for years

Clear out the garage

Often the phrase “clear out the garage” is enough to send a shiver down the spine of any unlucky soul stuck with that job, however this daunting task is not the doomsday it’s so often proclaimed to be, in fact it can be extremely good for the soul.

A good clear out will leave you with a great sense of accomplishment as well as extra space. You might even be able to fit your car in there now!

Also, you never know what you might find amongst those odds and ends, there could be some perfectly good treasures at the back that you can either re-use or resell.

Use a professionally licensed service to dispose of any waste or materials correctly

However, if you do decide to gut your storage spaces – whether it be a garage, a shed or a loft - make sure that you use a professionally licensed service who will dispose of all the materials correctly.

Cleaning the gutters

Cleaning the gutters can be a messy but therapeutic job and one that should ideally take you no longer than an afternoon, depending on how many gutters you have. All you need is a sturdy ladder and a pair of gloves and you can ensure that your home has adequate drainage for the next big rainy spell.

Picture of leaves build up in gutter Having clean running drains can save money in the long run

While it’s hardly the most thrilling thing to check off your list, it will not take up much time and will save you money in the long run - replacing drains can be expensive and they’re less likely to need to be replaced if you keep them clean and functional.

Close up picture of smoke alarm - picture from Flickr The UK Fire Service recommends checking your smoke alarm at least twice a year
Source: Flickr

Safety and security

Safety is a very important part of your home and not something that should be taken lightly. If you feel that you may be overdue for a safety check-up in your home, then this is something that can be done in a long weekend and is highly advised.

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your home is the smoke alarm - make sure you test it and, if needs be, replace the battery. The UK Fire Service recommends testing your fire alarm at least twice a year and changing the battery once a year.

Another important safety check to complete should be your electricity - if you’ve been experiencing small shocks or noticing a burning smell then it may be worth considering having your home rewired - this may take longer than a weekend but is a highly recommended service. Remember that you should never try to fix electrical problems unless you are a qualified professional.

What else?

There are a multitude of jobs that you can complete in a weekend, and these are just a few. If you fancy being a bit more productive, don’t be put off by the daunting prospect of wasting your weekend in queues of people buying barbecues and patio furniture - tackle a simpler job instead. In the end you’ll have a strong sense of achievement and a home to be proud of.

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