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How to set up the perfect nursery

Posted on 8/18/2020

If you’ve got a new baby on the way, congratulations! Exciting times ahead.

There’s going to be lots you can’t prepare for in the coming months. You can’t store up sleep for a start. But one thing you can get ready is the nursery.

Here are the essentials you need in your nursery furniture set, and a few tips on how to get it all set-up just right:

Nursery furniture sets

Your first option is to get everything together. There's lots of places online where you can buy a cot, changing table, storage and everything else you need in one go. They’re a good option, but expensive. If you’re going piece by piece, here are the essentials you need:

A sturdy cot

The number one essential. Your baby might not actually be sleeping in it for a few weeks, but it’s still the first thing to get set up and sorted.

Choose a good one, but don’t think you have to get something new and top of the range.

The key is to make sure it’s put together properly. On that, a few rules:

Ask for the instructions

If you’re getting a cot off a friend or family member, rule number one is to ask for the instructions! Cots are relatively simple to put up, but it's something you want to get right.

Get a helping hand

Putting up a cot is so much quicker with two pairs of hands. One to hold everything in place, the other one to do the putting together.

Be gentle!

If that bolt doesn’t fit into that hole, it’s because it’s not meant to. Putting up a cot can be fiddly, but go carefully with the hammer and screwdriver. The last thing you want is to have to head back to the shop or start creating homemade repairs!

If you struggle with assembling flatpack furniture, or simply don't have the time, we can help you out.

Blackout blinds or curtains

Did you know that our first sleeping habits shape how we sleep for the rest of our lives?

The topsy-turvy sleeping cycles of a newborn can be hard to manage. They sleep a lot during the day, so keep the sunlight away with blackout blinds or blackout curtains.

When you’re looking around, one very good option is to get a set of portable blackout blinds which use suction cups to stick to the window. That way when you head to the grandparents for the day or night, you can take the blinds with you.

A baby mobile

A baby mobile can be a great aid for helping babies drift off to sleep as well as provide stimulation.

There’s a vast array of baby mobiles online. You can make your own too – babies aren’t that picky about brands – using some string and bits of bright paper, sponge or cloth.

Either way, remember to fasten it really tightly to the side of the cot and well out of reach of your baby lying down. And when your baby reaches around five months – as soon as they can push up on their hands and knees – remove your mobile to avoid any safety hazards.

Storage solutions

If you haven’t already, you’ll undoubtedly be swamped with baby clothes from friends and family. These, along with nappies, baby wipes and toys can be hard to keep on top of. So, to keep your nursery clutter-free, invest in a chest of drawers (go for one with a changing table built-in), a baby wardrobe and some shelving if you can, or simply make some dedicated space in furniture you already have.

A calming colour scheme

Soothing tones, regardless of the colour, can help keep things calm. When you’re shopping, stick to pale and pastel colours, and look for paints with subdued, muted, neutral and soft in their names.

Get a helping hand from a Local Hero

Starting a family is honestly one of the best times, but it can also be pretty stressful. One of the keys to staying sane is getting and accepting help, so why not make things easier for yourself and hire someone to help with your nursery?

We can put you in touch with a Local Heroes handyman who can put your cot, chest of drawers, baby wardrobe and shelves up in a day.

Also, if finding the time to paint the nursery seems like an impossibility, just get a Local Heroes painter and decorator to do it for you.

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