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How to install a Ring doorbell?

Posted on 12/1/2021

If you’ve recently invested in a Ring doorbell or are thinking about buying one for your home, have you thought about installation? We’ve created a step-by-step guide that will have you set up and ready in no time.

Part 1: Charge the Ring battery

If you have either the Ring video doorbell 2, 3 or 4 models, charge the doorbell’s battery before starting the setup process. Elite and pro models don’t have a battery because they need to be hardwired. So one less step for you!

The second model has a non-removable battery, while Ring 3 and Ring doorbell 4 batteries can be removed for charging. Even if you plan to hardwire your doorbell, you'll still need to install the battery as a backup.

Charging Ring doorbell 2 battery

  1. Remove the security screws on the bottom of your doorbell and lift the doorbell up and away from the mounting bracket
  2. Plug the charger into the charging port in the battery. During charging, both lights will be on
  3. Once the light on the battery shines, your battery is fully charged
  4. Using the security screws, reconnect the doorbell to the mounting bracket.

Charging Ring doorbell 3 and 4 battery

  1. When charging Ring doorbell 3 and 4 battery, use the included screwdriver to remove the security screw on the bottom of your video doorbell
  2. Remove the faceplate by pulling the bottom edge towards you
  3. Press the release tab to remove the battery and slide it out
  4. Plug the charging cable into the battery. While charging, both lights will be lit
  5. When only one light is lit, it’s fully charged
  6. Slide the battery back into its compartment. You’ll hear a click when the battery is secure
  7. Pop the faceplate back on by slotting it in at the top and clicking it into place
  8. Finally, insert and tighten the security screw to lock it in.

How long does the Ring battery take to charge?

Ring 2 and 3 doorbell batteries, as well as pro and elite models, take about 5-10 hours to fully charge, while Ring doorbell 4 battery takes 6-8 hours to fully charge.

Part 2: Ring doorbell app setup

    The Ring App on iOS The Ring app is available on both iOS and Android
  1. Download the Ring app
    On your mobile device, go to the App Store on iOS, or the Play Store for Android and download the Ring app.

  3. Create or log in to your Ring account
    If this is your first Ring product, you’ll need to create an account — just select “Create Account” on the app. You can also do this on the Ring website. Once created, log in to your new account on the app, then “set up a device”, and finally, “doorbells”.

  5. Scan the QR code
    If you look at the back of your video doorbell or the product packaging, you should find a QR code or barcode. Point your phone’s camera at it when prompted, until either a green box appears around the QR code or green lines over the barcodes.

    If you’re having problems scanning the code, don’t worry — you can skip this step and set it up without scanning.

  7. Input your address
    The Ring app will ask for you to input your address. If you’ve previously set up a location, there will be an option to select this location again. This is an important step — if you don’t set up a location, some features of your doorbell won’t work. So don’t forget to do it if you want to enjoy Ring in all its glory.

  9. Name your device
    Give your Ring doorbell a name to help identify it from any other Ring devices on your account. Use either one of the suggested names or choose your own custom name by selecting “custom” from the bottom of the list.

  11. Put your device into setup mode
    If you haven’t already, make sure the battery is installed into your device at this stage. Find the orange button on the back of your doorbell and press it. You should see that on the front of your doorbell there is now a white spinning light. Once you see this, press “continue” on the Ring app.

  13. Connect to your Ring device
    On iOS, press “join” when the Ring app asks you to join the Ring Wi-Fi network. Android devices should automatically connect to the doorbell. You can also do it manually by navigating to your Wi-Fi settings, and then selecting the Ring Wi-Fi network in the list of available networks. It should show up as either “Ring-XXXXXX” or “Ring Setup XX” where XX shows your doorbell’s Mac Address. Once connected, go back to the Ring app.

  15. How to connect a Ring doorbell to Wi-Fi?
    Once it’s updated, push the front button to complete a test call and check that everything’s working properly. It's worth testing the device where the doorbell will be to check the video quality. If the video quality is poor outside, you may need a Wi-Fi extender.

  17. Test your device!
    Once any updates are completed, push the front button to complete a test call and allow you to check everything is working properly. It's worth testing the device where the doorbell will be to check the video quality. If the video quality is poor outside, you may require a Wi-Fi extender.

If you have any issues with the setup process – Ring provide further advice on their website.

Installed Ring doorbell

Part 3: How to fit a Ring doorbell?

If you feel nervous about installing the doorbell yourself, why not get a quote from Local Heroes? But if you’re more comfortable with DIY, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove your old wired doorbell
    If you already have a doorbell, this will need to be removed. Before removing, make sure it’s switched off at the circuit breaker.

  3. Line up the mounting bracket
    Next, make sure you’ve got a pencil handy. Get the level tool included in the box and click it into the mounting bracket. Place the mounting bracket next to your door at the desired height and move the bracket so that it’s level. Next, mark the position of the four mounting holes with your pencil. Remove the level tool from the bracket.

  5. Drill the mounting holes
    Drill four holes where the pencil markings are. If mounting on brick/concrete/stucco, use the included plastic anchors. If into the wood, simply use the included screws.

  7. Connect your doorbell wiring to the terminal screws located on the bracket
    Next, connect the two wires to the terminals on the back of the video doorbell by threading them through the middle of the Ring baseplate. It doesn’t matter which way round you connect these wires. If needed, there are some wire extenders provided. If your doorbell ringer is digital, not mechanical, you’ll need to install the diode between the two screws.

    If you don’t have a wired doorbell, you can purchase the Ring Chime accessory to wirelessly connect to your doorbell and other Ring devices.

  9. Place your Ring doorbell onto the mounting bracket
    Place the Ring doorbell into the mounting bracket, and don’t be afraid to use a little force. Finally, tighten up the security screws using the included tool.

  11. You’re done!
    If you face any issues along the way, go to the Ring website for more detailed advice or get a quote from Local Heroes.

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