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How to NOT get flat pack assembly wrong!

Posted on 7/25/2018

Look, let’s be honest. We’ve all got flat pack furniture wrong at some point. That awful mix of embarrassment and anger as we stare at the IKEA instructions and try to work out why our new table is missing a leg…

For something that seems so simple it can be deceptively tricky.

Flatpack furniture fail Flatpack assembly can go wrong!
Source: Reddit

So here’s our guide to making sure you get flat pack right.

  1. Grab a big blanket

    You’re going to lay this out and use it for all of the assembly. There are three reasons for this. Number one it ensures you’ve got enough space. Just the act of laying out a blanket will force you to clear enough floor space to work on.

    Number two it makes a handy backdrop for smaller pieces so they don’t go missing. And number three, flat pack furniture can leave sawdust and other debris lying around – a blanket will catch all that.

  2. Tip: If you can’t find a blanket, open out the flatpack's cardboard box instead and use this

  3. Sorting the parts

    Don’t go gung-ho and start building straight away. Lay each part out and make sure you have all the parts the instructions mention.

    Lay out all the parts and make sure you have all the parts the instructions mention

    Check to make sure they are all there, and also check they are all in good condition. There’s no point having all the legs if one has a hairline fracture.

    An image of screws and parts from flatpack furniture Check to make sure you have all the components and you know what they are

    Before you start screwing parts together take a few minutes to workout what each component is, and what it does. The big ones tend to be easy, but sometimes the smaller ones can look similar and their role isn’t always obvious.

  4. Flatpack furniture fail 2 Follow our tips and avoid disaster

    Have your tools ready

    Even if you’re only going to be using an Allen key make sure you have it to hand.

    While the pack may say it only takes one person to assemble. And the instructions show one person doing it all… But one of the best possible tools to have is an extra pair of hands, and an extra pair of eyes to look over the instructions.

  5. Patience is the key

    It should go without saying that you need to read the instructions closely. But… we’re all human. So make sure you give them one final, thorough, read before building commences.

    Remember to breathe, try not to swear too much, and take the build slowly and surely. A little patience will save you a lot of frustration.

    Flat pack furniture is generally fairly easy, but there’s no need to rush. A little patience will save you a lot of frustration further down the line. So remember to breathe, try not to swear too much, and take the build slowly and surely.

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