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How to find waste removal near me

Posted on 1/19/2021

If you're renovating, having a clear out, or moving out for good, getting rid of waste materials can be a bit of a headache. There's only so much stuff your bins can take! And heavy duty rubbish can sometimes require special treatment. But before you call up a waste removal company, here are a few tips to help:

1. Recycle if you can, even bigger bits of furniture

If you're throwing away something that still works and is in reasonable condition then the chances are it could be used by someone else.

Give it to charity, post it on your local Facebook group or put your stuff on Freecycle (a website where people in your area can find things they need for free). You'll be surprised how many organisations out there will come and pick up beds and sofas to pass on to people who need them. So it's a solution that works for everyone.

2. Break down the waste

Waste removal companies often charge by volume so it's worth breaking down any waste you have to reduce the bulk and lower the cost.

3. Get your kitchen fitter to remove stuff

If you're having your kitchen replaced, speak to your fitters about taking old kitchen parts away and disposing of them for you. Some might charge you for it but some won't. It's always worth asking the question before you sign anything with them.

Waste removal options near you

1. Take it to the local tip

Find out from your council if there's a local tip nearby. If there is – and if you have a car – take your rubbish there directly. You may need to provide proof of residence and it's important to take your car rather than hiring a van. If you're in a commercial vehicle, you may have to pay extra, and you might not be allowed to leave stuff at all.

2. Use your council's collection service

Most councils have a waste removal service for bulky items like mattresses, appliances and other bits and bobs – but not DIY or builders' waste.

The upside is that these services tend to be cheaper than private waste removal companies because they are subsidised. The downside is they can be quite slow. Double-check that they can take all your rubbish before you book.

3. Call on a Local Hero

If you do decide to get the pros in, we have a network of waste removal companies on our books who will take away all kinds of household or office rubbish.

Our site makes it really easy to find a waste removal company in your area. You just give us a few details and we'll connect you with the right people. Then you find a quote that works for you.

Our Local Heroes themselves to the highest standards in terms of their demeanour and the work they do. Book a local waste remover today.

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