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How to find plumbers near me?

Posted on 05/11/2016

Finding a plumber is easy, online directories, newspapers, leaflets, there is a lot of ways to find a plumber, any plumber. But finding a good plumber you can trust is a nightmare.

It’s no longer as simple as looking someone up in the yellow pages. Searching the internet can be a minefield of charlatans and cowboys who are happy to take your money – but may not be so happy about actually fixing your plumbing.

And when you have a plumbing emergency you really need someone who knows what they are doing, and who will charge you a fair price for the work done.

Your first port of call should be to ask friends and colleagues. Word of mouth and personal recommendations still carry a lot of weight, and it’s an easy way to find good tradesperson. Everyone uses plumbers, so you may well get lucky and find someone in your social circle knows someone good already.

In which case, problem solved. But what if they don’t?

Another good group of people to ask are other tradespeople. Do you have people who’ve helped out in other areas who may be able to recommend someone good? Generally, if you trust the work one tradesperson has done, then you can rely on their recommendations and rest fairly easy with the work their colleagues will do.

As we’ve mentioned, you should be cautious of the huge number of adverts that exist on the internet and even local radio. How can you verify these people are actually as good as they claim to be?

Local Heroes pride ourselves on personally assuring that every tradesperson we represent is skilled, trustworthy and dependable.

Using our website couldn’t be simpler. Just pop in the type of tradesperson you’re looking for, what you need help with and your postcode. We’ll find you a Local Hero who fits your brief.

And we guarantee they’ll get it sorted as quickly as they can.

So actually, finding a plumber you can trust is as easy as visiting our website.