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How to find a locksmith

Posted on 6/15/2020

Calling out a locksmith isn’t something you do every day. In fact, you could go years without having to speak to one. But when you do need a locksmith, you need to know where to go to find one, and what you need to ask them.

So if you've lost your house keys – or worse still you’ve had a break in – here are some simple tips on how to find a good locksmith quickly, and be sure to read our article on how much a locksmith charges.

Finding a locksmith

Check with friends and family

While we wouldn't recommend doing so at 2am, if it’s a sociable hour, the obvious place to start is to ask the people in your life you trust – in case they know a good local locksmith in your area.

Ask other tradespeople

If you have the details of a trusted tradesperson you’ve used before, try them too. They have their ear to ground and often know people in other trades. And any personal recommendation just gives you that extra level of reassurance.

Check local groups

Local groups, such as those on social media or other community websites, will often contain personal recommendations for tradespeople including locksmiths who are available in the area. Given the personal nature of such groups, disreputable tradespeople will frequently be called out.

Hire a Local Hero

The quickest and easiest way to find a trustworthy and reliable locksmith for the job is with Local Heroes. All our locksmiths are vetted and every job they tackle comes with a 12-month guarantee which is backed by British Gas.

We pride ourselves on our skilled workforce and we guarantee to find you a locksmith that can fix your issue quickly and painlessly.

Asking your locksmith the right questions

However you find your locksmith, knowing what questions to ask and when to book can help save time and money.

How much will it be, roughly?

First, when talking on the phone, explain your issue and make sure you get an estimated cost. See our page on locksmith costs get a feel for how much your particular problem should cost.

How much will it be, exactly?

Once they arrive, ask your locksmith to confirm the cost – and confirm that it’s an all-in cost including VAT and any call-out fee or parts. It’s really important you do this before any work starts. It’s difficult to question a cost after the work’s been done!

Who’ll be doing the work?

Ask who’ll be doing the work. Then on arrival, ask to see their identification to make sure the person fixing your lock or cutting your keys is the professional you’re expecting. Asking for identification can be good practice when booking any tradesperson, but a locksmith especially.

Can you do it without a drill?

If a locksmith is opening a lock you have lost the keys for and mentions drilling into the lock, get a second opinion if you can before asking them to come out. Drilling into a lock should be an extreme option when others have failed and will require new locks. Good locksmiths should have the tools and know-how to unlock almost any door without having to forcefully drill into the lock.

Can I have an invoice?

Finally, once the job is complete, get an itemised invoice with the company name on so you have proof of costs, and you can check the price of the parts and labour. If you spot any expensive prices, quickly search the brand and the model on the internet to make sure they’re not inflated.

Hopefully you’ll never need any of this advice! But if you do, we hope it helps.

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