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How to find a heating engineer

Posted on 2/3/2020

When winter bites, the last thing you want is something going wrong with your heating. So if you’re thinking now is a good time to give your boiler and radiators a check before the cold weather kicks in again – or if something has actually gone wrong – here’s how to find a reliable heating engineer near you.

Plus we’ll share a few tips on what to ask a heating engineer before they go ahead with the work:

Ask around

It’s possible your current boiler will have been installed by a local heating engineer. So take a look at the inside of the boiler cover, as there might be a name and a number there for you to try. Using the original installer can often save time on diagnosing and sizing up a particular job.

Another obvious first port of call should be asking neighbours or local friends if they’ve hired anyone they can recommend, or even if there are any you should steer clear of.

Check your local community groups on Facebook and other social sites to see if anyone has a suggestion.

3 questions to ask your heating engineer

Once you've found a heating engineer, knowing the right questions to ask can save time and money. Make sure you’re absolutely happy before they go ahead with any work. Even if it feels awkward, it’s important.

1. Are they on the Gas Safe Register?

If your engineer isn’t on the Gas Safe Register, they’re not qualified to do the work. End of story. Ask for the 7-digit licence number on their ID card then call the Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500 and ask if they’re registered. You can also use the Gas Safe Register’s online tool.

2. Are they qualified for your specific job?

If they’re Gas Safe registered, great. But that still doesn’t guarantee they’re qualified to do every job. On the back of their ID card, you’ll find a list of jobs they’re qualified for. If you’re looking for an oil heating engineer but they’re only qualified for gas then you might have to think again.

3. Are they asking for cash upfront?

If they’re asking for money before they start the job, that’s a red flag. They may claim they need the money for materials, but most engineers should have a 30-day credit agreement with their supplier. Some engineers may say that they haven’t been paid properly for jobs in the past. Then it’s down to your judgement.

If you do find yourself paying anything upfront, use your credit card if you can. That way you have extra protection if something goes wrong.

We can help you look

And remember, you can find a Local Heroes heating engineer here. Our site is simple to use and makes it easy to find people that will get all kinds of jobs done in your home.

Our heating engineers have all been vetted by us, are Gas Safe registered and have at least three years of experience. There will be lots of heating engineers near you to choose from and compare prices with. They can fix all types of boilers, too.

And for a little extra reassurance, when you hire a Local Hero, we offer a 12-month guarantee backed by British Gas.

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