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How to create a better home office

Posted on 8/25/2020

While some parts of life in the UK may be gradually getting back to normal, many people will continue to be working from home for a while yet.

So maybe it’s time to put away the laptop and do a little work on your home office instead. Small changes can make a big difference - to your mind and your back. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Get the environment right

    Try to find a space with lots of natural light and if possible, a view. Looking away from the screen regularly has been proven to reduce eye strain, and having a nice view to do so will make this much easier.

    If you have no choice other than staring straight at a brick wall, put up a picture or two to distract you.

    Looking away from the screen regularly is important for your eyes, having something to look at makes this easier.

    Or decorate your home office with a splash of paint on tired walls to brighten the room and lighten your mind. Plants are also a nice touch.

    If you can, try and avoid setting up your desk in communal areas like the living room or the kitchen as they can be full of distractions, resulting in continual snacking or bored children.

  2. Invest in home office furniture

    It may sound obvious, but comfort is key for your health and focus. It’s way too easy to end up slouching as you stare at your screen and that’s no good for your lower back. So it’s worth doing your research into good, ergonomic office chairs with lots of back support.

    Keeping your legs at a 90° angle away from your body is also important. If you’re short you might need a footrest. If you’re tall, you may need a higher chair or a higher desk.

    Correct posture can help to prevent back problems

    Many furniture providers have a range of desks and chairs suitable for most people. If the store is open, try to visit and sit at a few before buying to make sure you're comfortable with the height and depth.

  3. Think about your home office lighting

    Overhead lights tend to be quite harsh so avoid them if you can. Instead, use lampshades or upward-shining floor lamps to scatter the light and illuminate the entire space without creating too much glare.

    If you’re working at a computer, use an adjustable or articulated desk lamp to focus the light exactly where you need it. And make sure it sits to the side or just behind the computer so there’s no glare on the screen.

    Smart light bulbs can be a great addition to your home office too. You can adjust the brightness and tone really easily from an app on your phone. So you can make things a cool white to keep you focused then dial things up to a relaxing warmer tone at the end of the day. All from an app on your phone.

    Our friends at Hive have a great range of smart lights to pick from.

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