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How much does it cost to repair a washing machine in 2022?

Posted on 7/21/2021

It doesn’t take long for a faulty washing machine to turn your weekly schedule upside down. Turning itself off, strange noises and smelly clothes are all common problems. But don’t wait for that backlog of worn clothes to get out of control – why not call in the professionals? Local Heroes are ready to help.

How much does repairing a washing machine cost?

Between 2017-2022, the average cost of a Local Heroes washing machine repair job was between £137 and £159. And that’s job done, washing machine up and running, pants n’ socks back on the spin cycle.

Common washing machine problems

Washing machines are built for hard work, but you can expect general wear and tear to affect older machines. Here’s a couple of things to watch out for:

Shutting down

If your washing machine stops mid cycle, an overworked motor could be the problem. If you’ve been catching up on your clothes washing and worked your machine harder than normal, let it cool down and try again later. But if it keeps happening, it might be time for a replacement. It’s a tricky job, so let us know and we’ll get a professional over to you.

No movement

A stubborn drum that refuses to spin could be caused by a problem with the belt drive, power or control unit. Again, this is a trickier technical fault and will probably need an engineer callout to fix. They’ll open the machine up safely and give you a quick diagnosis before (more importantly) solving the problem.

Other common problems include:

  • Loose/dislodged/worn components (strange noises, such as thumps, rattles or grinding)
  • Worn brushes (drum won’t spin)
  • Blocked/leaking pipes (water on the floor or stuck inside the drum)

Book a washing machine repair

If you’re not feeling up to troubleshooting and DIY (or you’ve simply got better things to do!), just get in touch and let a Local Hero fix your washing machine for you. With an average cost of around £150, they’ll get the job done with minimal fuss for a price that’s hard to beat. You’ll get a quote in a few quick and easy steps, and all the work’s backed by a 12-month British Gas guarantee.

Book a washing machine repair.

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