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How much does it cost to rewire a house?

Posted on 11/6/2019

Rewiring your house is something you should only (hopefully) need to have done once every 25 years or so. Your house might need rewiring if:

  • Your lights start to dim or flicker
  • Your wires are exposed or damaged
  • You’ve had shocks from switches
  • Or you have frequently-tripping circuit breakers

If you’re not sure whether your house needs rewiring or not, you can hire a trusted, qualified and local electrician with Local Heroes. They can carry out an electrical installation condition report (EICR), which will tell you how safe the wiring in your house is.

If your home does need to be rewired, the price will depend on:

  • The electrician you hire
  • How old your home is
  • Where you live
  • The size of your home
  • How many bedrooms you have

How much does it cost to rewire my home?

As of November 2019

  • Rewiring a one bedroom flat

    The average size of a one bedroom home in the UK is 46 square metres, or 495 square feet1. While some one bedroom homes may include more rooms and require more extensive rewiring, a one bedroom flat is assumed to be smaller than most homes.

    Average prices

    Average (most common) price: £496

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  • Rewiring a two bedroom flat

    Two bedroom flates are typically occupied by young families or young professionals sharing the cost of renting, most commonly in cities although flats are becoming more popular throughout the country due to their affordability.

    Average prices

    Average (most common) price: £634

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  • Rewire a two bedroom house

    Rewiring a two bedroom house is typically slightly more expensive than a flat, largely due to the work usually being required on more than one floor in the home.

    Average prices

    Average (most common) price: £678

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  • Rewire a three bedroom house

    The average size of a three bedroom home in the UK is 89 square metres, or 958 square feet outside of London, where the average size rises to 109 square metres (1173 square feet)2. Homes smaller than this will usually cost less but rewiring most three bedroom homes will typically include more than one floor and increase the price.

    Average prices

    Average (most common) price: £1408

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  • Rewire a single room

    Obviously you may not want or need to rewire your entire home and may only need to have a single room rewired, especially if you have just had that room replastered or decorated where the existing wiring may have been distured or damaged.

    Average prices

    Average (most common) price: £395

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  • Other rewiring tasks

    The jobs listed here are simply the most common tasks carried out by Local Heroes electricians but there are certainly many other types of homes both large and small or other miscellanaeous rewiring jobs that may require work around the home. The cost of these will depend on the individual circumstances but we have calculated the average overall cost of all other non-categorised rewiring jobs for reference.

    Average prices

    Average (most common) price: £706

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For more prices, read our guide to how much electricians charge or view the electrician pricing data sheet.

How can Local Heroes help?

When it comes to rewiring your house, you don’t want to rely on someone’s reputation alone. We have hundreds of skilled professionals on our platform and can match you with a local electrician in minutes. All you need to do is tell us where you are and we’ll do the rest.

We vet every tradesperson and take our customer feedback seriously. So when we match you with an electrician, we know they’ll rewire your home safely and to the highest industry standard. We also guarantee their work for 12 months.


1 - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22152622
2 - https://www.architecture.com/-/media/gathercontent/space-standards-for-homes/additional-documents/homewisereport2015pdf.pdf

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