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How much does it cost to fit a kitchen in 2022?

Posted on 2/1/2021

Fitting a new kitchen is an exciting time for any homeowner. Sparkling new worksurfaces, cabinets that actually close properly and a little more space to cook in are all around the corner.

But as you embark on this adventure, the last thing you'll want to encounter is unexpected costs. So this guide is here to help explain how much you can expect to pay for a kitchen fitting and where you can make savings.

A few things to think about first

To help give you an idea of how most kitchen fittings are calculated, here's a simple breakdown of what it includes:

  • Number of kitchen units being fitted
  • Material kitchen units are made from
  • Material kitchen doors and drawers are made from
  • Cost of installation

These will differ for everyone depending on budget, space and taste. But they're all fundamental things that people should think about from the start.

Now let's look at some average kitchen fitting costs that include all of these individual factors.

How much do kitchen fittings cost?

At the more affordable end of the spectrum, a basic kitchen using standard units and materials will cost around £1,200.

This figure could easily rise to £8,000 for bigger kitchens or if you're using higher quality material for the units.

At the top end, a bespoke kitchen made from the highest quality material could cost around £14,000.

Please note, these prices don't include the cost of worktops and appliances like ovens or fridges, as well as cosmetic work in the kitchen, such as painting, tiling and flooring, if this is also being changed.

Where can I cut costs?

None of the above costs are set in stone and there are all sorts of ways you can save.

Think about materials

The type of materials you use for your units and worktops is a big factor when it comes to price. MDF and plywood units will be much less expensive than oak for example.

As for worktops, laminate is the cheapest option and costs about £35/m2. Wood costs £150/m2 and for marble or granite expect to pay upwards of £300/m2.

Switch your doors

If the kitchen carcass – i.e. the body of your units – is in good shape, why not just switch out the doors?

Replace them with store-bought ones that are the same size. Or, for an even cheaper option than bespoke solid wooden versions, get simple MDF doors made up and spray-painted in whatever colour you choose.

Fit track lighting

Integrated spotlights and cabinet downlights can be pretty expensive, so look into track lighting as an alternative.

It's cheap, easy to install and gives you plenty of options for where you want your lights pointed – and what kind of mood you want to create.

Get your kitchen fitters to remove waste

One cost that people often forget is getting rid of your old kitchen. Speak to your kitchen fitters before they begin to see if they'll include remove waste for you in their quote.

Compare kitchen installation costs

When you buy a kitchen unit, double-check what costs it includes. Some companies will install everything but won't connect appliances or sinks for example.

Rather than having different people doing different parts of the installation, it may work out cheaper to get one person or company to do everything – and that's where Local Heroes can help.

How to fit a kitchen with Local Heroes

When you're ready to book a kitchen fitting, why not try Local Heroes?

All the tradespeople on our books have been personally vetted by us and all the work they do comes with a 12-month guarantee backed by British Gas.

We make finding a kitchen fitter in your local area really easy. You just tell us where you live and we'll connect you with a local handyman near you.

Whether you want to compare quotes or ask them any questions, it's all just a click away.

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