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How much does a handyman charge in 2022?

Posted on 1/14/2021

How much a handyman costs can be difficult to know as, almost by definition, jobs are often not very specific - one of the most commonly requested handyman jobs is for odd jobs - so knowing how much it will cost is not quite as straightforward as other trades like plumbing or plastering.

However, there are a number of factors that can will affect the price, these include:

  • Where you live - tradespeople in the south of the UK or around major cities tend to be more expensive
  • How soon you need help - being flexible about when you require a job can help to lower the cost
  • The complexity of the job - quick and relatively straightforward jobs such as hanging a curtain rail will be cheaper than assembling a large delivery of flat pack furniture

To try and give a rough but reasonable estimate of some of our most common jobs, we have compiled the average costs here. The prices are not final and remember, you'll always receive an accurate quote before any work begins from a Local Heroes handyman.

Average Local Heroes Handyman prices

Updated January 2022

  • Assembling simple flat pack furniture

    Flat pack furniture is a great convenience but it's not always easy for everybody to assemble, and can quickly go wrong. If putting together flat pack furniture is something you struggle with, it can be a lot easier (and less stressful!) to have someone help.

    Average prices

    Price range: £50 - £200
    Average (most common) price: £75

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  • Assembling complex flat pack furniture

    As above, assembling flat pack furniture isn't always as easy as made out, but can be even more of an issue if you have something particularly complex e.g. with moving parts or lots of intricate sections or have bought several pieces of furniture.

    Average prices

    Price range: £60 - £200
    Average (most common) price: £120

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  • TV wall mounting

    Having your TV properly mounted to the wall is no easy feat, most modern TVs are heavy, delicate and have lots of wires and cables. Mounting properly to wall can provide so much more space in any living room, and done so correctly with proper cable management looks great on any wall.

    Average prices

    Price range: £41 - £97
    Average (most common) price: £60

    Book TV wall mounting

  • Picture hanging

    Properly hung pictures are an essential part of a room's decour and can be the difference between a bare or mismatched wall and a part of a home. Whether it's pictures of friends and family or artwork, making sure pictures are hung securely and evenly is essential.

    Average prices

    Price range: £55 - £140
    Average (most common) price: £91

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  • Hang a curtain rail or curtains

    Curtains are often made of heavy fabrics and as such require properly secure fastenings to make sure they don't come away from the wall. A properly skilled handyman can make sure your curtains are hung securely and with the correct drop.

    Average prices

    Price range: £50 - £112
    Average (most common) price: £75

    Book curtain or curtain rail hanging

  • Fit a new door hinge

    While doors with locks should always be worked on by a properly qualified locksmith, internal doors usually only need to close properly. Stopping a bedroom or living room door from swinging open may not be a security problem, but it can cause its own fair share of headaches and can usually be solved quickly and easily with a properly fitted new door hinge.

    Average prices

    Price range: £50 - £135
    Average (most common) price: £81

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  • Odd jobs

    As mentioned above, often a handyman is required to do a number of different smaller jobs all in one go, particularly on a long weekend like a bank holiday. Whether these jobs are fitting draft excluders, hanging a shelf, or installing new bathroom accessories, a Local Heroes handyman can help. The cost of odd jobs will vary depending on the number and complexity of the jobs you'd like help with.

    Average prices

    Price range: £88 - £250
    Average (most common) price: £133

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For more prices, view the handyman pricing data.

Of course, all Local Heroes handymen have been carefully vetted by us, ensuring they are experienced, capable and have positive customer reviews. So you can rest assured that no matter who you find on our site, you’ll be getting an excellent job.

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