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How much do tilers charge?

Posted on 8/28/2018

Tiling is one of the most versatile ways of decorating, and has been for centuries. And tiles are amongst incredibly popular and practical for decorating bathrooms. However, tiling yourself can be a highly technical and difficult challenge. So, people often prefer to get a professional tiler in.

How much a tiler charges will vary from job to job, often dependent on the size of the bathroom or space being tiled – and will also factor in things such as whether they’re required to tile a floor, walls or a combination of both. On top of this you have the usual considerations, such as where you live and how urgently you need the work doing.

One thing you can definitely take care of yourself before booking a tiler is choosing your tiles. We’ve written before about the benefits of mosaic tiling.

If you’d like to get in to the nitty gritty of what a tiler is going to cost, read on. We’ve gathered together some sample prices based on tiling jobs booked through Local Heroes.

For each we’ve given you the average price, but also the range of prices that average has come from – so you can get a feel for the market value of a task.

Average Local Heroes tiling prices

Updated October 2018

  • Tiling a bath or shower room

    • Price range: £150-£521
    • Average (most common) price: £248
  • Tiling an ensuite bathroom

    • Price range: £220-£476
    • Average (most common) price: £304
  • Tiling a kitchen floor

    • Price range: £213-£949
    • Average (most common) price: £355
  • Tiling an external floor

    • Price range: £730-£1262
    • Average (most common) price: £900
  • Tiling a cloakroom

    • Price range: £175-£545
    • Average (most common) price: £230
  • Tiling a kitchen splashback

    • Price range: £148-£367
    • Average (most common) price: £218

For more prices, view the tiling pricing data sheet.

If you choose to book a tiler through Local Heroes, you can rest easy knowing we’ve personally checked that every tiler] on our platform is qualified, competent and has received positive customer feedback.