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How much do tilers charge in 2022?

Posted on 1/14/2021

Tiling is one of the best ways of both practically and stylishly decorating a kitchen, bathroom or cloakroom. Easy to keep clean and designed for wet and humid rooms, tiling is one of the most versatile ways of decorating, and has been for centuries.However, tiling yourself can be a highly technical and difficult challenge. So, people often prefer to get a professional tiler in.

How much a tiler charges will vary from job to job, largely depending on the size of the bathroom or space being tiled – but will also factor in things such as whether they’re required to tile a floor, walls or a combination of both.

As well as these considerations, the usual logistical factors will also apply. These include where you live, tiling work is typically more expensive in the south and in larger cities, and how urgently you need the work doing, the willingness to wait for a tiler's availability can often save on your budget.

One thing you can definitely take care of yourself before booking a tiler is choosing your tiles. We’ve written before about the benefits of mosaic tiling, but visiting your local tiling or hardware shop and selecting the materials you'd like will always help to reduce time and money.

If you’d like to get in to the details of what a tiler is going to cost, read on. We’ve gathered together some sample prices based on tiling jobs booked through Local Heroes.

For each we’ve given you the average price, but also the range of prices that average has come from – so you can get a feel for the market value of a task.

Average Local Heroes tiling prices

Updated January 2022

  • Tiling a bath or shower room

    Tiling a bathroom or shower room will obviously depend on the size of the bathroom but also the layout of the fixtures, the height of the ceiling and the type of tiles to be used.

    Average price:

    Price range: £285 - £475
    Average (most common) price: £379

    Book bathroom or shower room tiling

  • Tiling an ensuite bathroom

    Ensuite bathrooms are a great addition to any bedroom but with tight corners and little working space they require lots of skill and patience to tile properly.

    Average price:

    Price range: £188 - £313
    Average (most common) price: £250

    Book bathroom or shower room tiling

  • Tiling a kitchen floor

    The cost of tiling a kitchen floor depends on the size and layout of your kitchen. A larger, square kitchen may require more tiles but a smaller or narrower kitchen may take longer, and this can affect the price just as much as size.

    Average price:

    Price range: £633 - £,1055
    Average (most common) price: £844

    Book kitchen floor tiling

  • Tiling an external floor

    Tiling an external floor, such as a patio, may need to involve considerations such as drainage, and weather proofing, and this can impact the cost.

    Average price:

    Price range: £154 - £256
    Average (most common) price: £205

    Book external floor tiling

  • Tiling a cloakroom bathroom

    Cloakroom bathrooms can be located in tight spaces which make for difficult work. Typical features such as slanted ceilings and narrow spaces can affect the cost of work.

    Average price:

    Price range: £225 - £375
    Average (most common) price: £300

    Book cloakroom bathroom tiling

  • Tiling a kitchen splashback

    A tiled splashback is a great decorative feature of any kitchen, as well as a great convenience. They're easier to clean than paintwork and cheaper than tiling the entire kitchen.

    Average price:

    Price range: £206 - £344
    Average (most common) price: £75

    Book kitchen splashback tiling

For more prices, view the tiling pricing data sheet.

If you choose to book a tiler through Local Heroes, you can rest easy knowing we’ve personally checked that every tiler on our platform is qualified, competent and has received positive customer feedback.

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