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How much do plumbers charge in 2020?

Posted on 1/17/2020

With a new year (and even a new decade!) it can be a great time to get some much needed work done on your home. Whether that's finally fixing that dripping tap that's been keeping you up at night, installing a new shower or warming up a cold room with a new radiator, the first thing we all want to know is, how much will it cost?

How much a local plumber will charge depends on several factors, including

  • Where you live
  • The time and materials needed for the job
  • Timing – is it an emergency? Weekend, bank holiday and 24 hour call outs are also likely to cost more

You should check with your local plumber the cost of your specific job but also how much their hourly rate is and how long the job is likely to take. The final plumber cost is normally a combination of the time taken plus the costs of the parts.

Fixing a leaky tap is obviously going to be a lot quicker and cheaper than replacing a standard hot water tank.

However, it also depends how big, complex and/or fiddly the plumbing job is going to be. Sinks, toilets and other plumbing components that are particularly harder to reach or require dismantling and reassembly later are likely to take longer and this will impact the cost.

Most plumbers will charge between £20 and £40 per hour, but the total cost will depend on the work

A local plumber will usually give you their hourly rate. However, many plumbers including Local Heroes will normally price the job after seeing the property.

Things likely to impact how long a job takes, and inevitably the final cost, include:

  • What plumbing systems are involved
  • Ease of access of the job
  • If there are isolation valves in place
  • Whether they will need to drain the system

You may be able to save money by taking responsibility for waste disposal, as this is usually relatively simple and can reduce the amount you need a plumber. On smaller jobs it may pay for you to take any waste to your local recycling centre.

Prices vary depending on whereabouts in the UK you live. London and regions of the south-east are typically more expensive than other areas. Bear in mind that the final plumber cost will be dependent on travel and transport, as well as ease of access to your property and any charges or costs that may be required to park their vehicle at your home.

The average plumber per hour cost in the UK can be anywhere between £20 and £40 but as most plumbers carry out many different kinds of jobs including many different kinds of parts on a regular basis, pinning down the "average cost of a plumber" can be difficult to calculate.

Because of this, Local Heroes has created lists of average pricing data for the most common plumbing jobs:

Average Local Heroes plumber prices 2020

Updated January 2020

  • Installing an electric shower

    The cost of installing an electric shower will depend on whether it is replacing an existing electric shower or installing an entirely new one. If you are installing a new electric shower, access to both the power and water supplies are important considerations.

    Average prices

    Price range: £140 - £233
    Average (most common) price: £187

    Read more or book electric shower installation

  • Fix a dripping tap

    An annoyingly loud drip drop will not only keep you up at night, a dripping tap can waste as much as 95 litres of water per day1, adding substantial amounts to your water bill. If the dripping is also dripping hot water, you will be spending lots of money constantly heating waste water. Fixing the issue sooner rather than later can save substantial amounts of both water and money.

    Average prices

    Price range: £75 - £125
    Average (most common) price: £100

    Read more or book tap repair

  • Install, repair or replace a tap

    If you've recently made changes to your kitchen or bathroom, you might need to replace an old tap, or simply move an existing tap to a new location. The cost of installing, repairing or moving a tap can depend on the ease of access to the water supply.

    Average prices

    Price range: £75 - £125
    Average (most common) price: £100

    Read more or book a tap job

  • Fix a leaking pipe

    As well as potentially damaging your walls, wallpaper and other home decorations, a leaking pipe can also lead to issues with your boiler pressure and even affect your central heating system.

    Average prices

    Price range: £77 - £128
    Average (most common) price: £102

    Read more or book leaking pipe repair

  • Fix a leaking radiator

    A leaking radiator is not only inconvenient, it can lead to damp in the home while consistently running your heating on high to compensate for the lost heat from the radiator can increase your heating bill.

    Average prices

    Price range: £88 - £147
    Average (most common) price: £118

    Read more or book leaking radiator repair

  • Leaking toilet

    A leaking toilet can not only cause damage to the floors, it will also require constant refilling as the cistern tries to maintain sufficient water for flushing. Repairing a leaking toilet can not only save the cost of repairing water damage to the floor (or ceiling of any rooms below) but can also save water.

    Average prices

    Price range: £83 - £138
    Average (most common) price: £110

    Read more or book toilet repair

  • Replace a sink

    A bathroom or kitchen sink is a heavy duty item which should always be removed and replaced by a qualified professional.

    Average prices

    Price range: £120 - £200
    Average (most common) price: £160

    Read more or book sink replacement

  • Replace a toilet

    Replacing an entire toilet is a relatively large job and should always be carried out by a professional plumber.

    Average prices

    Price range: £169 - £281
    Average (most common) price: £225

    Read more or book a toilet replacement

  • Install a radiator

    The cost of radiator installation will depend on whether it is replacing an existing raditator or installing an entirely new radiator in a new location.

    Average prices

    Price range: £155 - £259
    Average (most common) price: £207

    Read more or book radiator installation

For more prices, view the Local Heroes plumber data sheet.

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