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How much do painters and decorators charge?

Posted on 15/09/2018

How much does painting and decorating cost? Well, how much a painter and decorator charges, as with most tradespeople, varies from job to job based on a number of factors.

These can include:

  • Where you live
  • How quickly you need a job doing
  • Whether any specialist equipment is required

But for painter and decorators specifically, one of the biggest factors is quite simply room size. If you need a small room painted it’s obviously going to be a lot cheaper than a large room. And likewise, to paint a single room will cost less than multiple rooms.

Of course, with painting and decorating it’s possible to have a pretty good go yourself, although there are always risks involved – especially when you have tins of paint lying around. No one wants to see a stain on their new sofa. But if you’re up for giving it a go, we’ve written a blog about how to paint a room here.

If you’d prefer to leave it in the hands of the professionals to ensure you get the job done properly, then have a look at some of the costs we’ve put together below.

These show the average prices and price ranges of some of the more common painting and decorating jobs you can book through Local Heroes.

Average Local Heroes Painting and Decorating prices

  • Painting a large ceiling
    • Price range: £348-517
    • Average (most common) price: £394
  • Painting a small ceiling
    • Price range: £88-195
    • Average (most common) price: £128
  • Painting a medium-sized room
    • Price range: £360-650
    • Average (most common) price: £525
  • Wallpapering a medium-sized room
    • Price range: £204-421
    • Average (most common) price: £350
  • Painting the skirting boards of small-sized room
    • Average (most common) price: £350
  • Painting an entire property
    • Price range: £444-1563
    • Average (most common) price: £615

For more prices, view the painting and decorating pricing data sheet.

If you do choose to book a Local Heroes painter and decorator, you can rest assured that they’ll be of the highest quality. We vet everyone listed on our website to ensure they’re professional, competent and willing to sign up to our code of conduct.