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How much do locksmiths charge?

Posted on 10/2/2018

How much a locksmith charges depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • The number of locks you need repairing
  • Any parts required
  • Timing – an emergency locksmith is likely going to charge you more than a scheduled appointment.

Most locksmiths should be able to give you a good idea of the price they will charge based on a description of the job required, but for more complicated tasks they may well ask to view the property before quoting and locking the price in1.

At Local Heroes, we’ve gathered together some of the average prices for common locksmith jobs, along with an idea of the range of prices you could expect to pay a Local Heroes locksmith depending on the factors above.

Obviously, you may wish to shop around for the cheapest available – though it’s unadvisable if you have issues with locking your home. In other cases the cost may well come down to simple geography; if there’s only one locksmith in your area, you’ll have to go with them.

Average Local Heroes Locksmith prices

  • Installing an external lock

    • Price range: £100-157
    • Average price: £125
  • Installing an internal door lock

    • Price range: £85-158
    • Average price: £122
  • Installing a garage door lock

    • Price range: £97-140
    • Average price: £110
  • Installing a sliding door lock

    • Price range: £97-116
    • Average price: £107
  • Install a window lock

    • Price range: £97-224
    • Average price: £152
  • Installing a home security camera

    • Average price: £50

For more prices, view the locksmith pricing data.

Close up image of an unlocked door All Local Heroes locksmith work comes with a 12 month guarantee backed by British Gas

Of course, all Local Heroes locksmiths have been carefully vetted by us, ensuring they are experienced, capable and have positive customer reviews. So you can rest assured that no matter who you find on our site, you’ll be getting an excellent job.

1 Excuse the pun