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How much do electricians charge in 2022?

Posted on 1/14/2021

How much does a good electrician cost?

How much an electrician costs is largely determined by three factors:

  • The electrician themselves
  • Where you live
  • The work you require

The electrician

Most electricians charge per hour of their time or, a daily rate with most job prices including testing and certification.

Be sure to ask your electrician to break down their costs so you know what you're paying for

It's always good practice to ask your local electrician to break down the costs in their quote so you know exactly how much you're paying and what you are being charged for.

Where you live

How much an electrician costs does depend on where you live, prices in London and the South East tend to be higher than the rest of the UK but this is a relatively minor factor - the type of job rather than location will always have a higher impact on price.

The work you require

As modern houses have electrical wiring and fittings which comply with modern regulations, electrical jobs in modern homes will be cheaper than those in older or period properties, especially if wiring needs to be brought up to standard.

Electrical work in older houses can be more expensive than newer homes

You can time and save money by ensuring that your local electrician has easy access to the sockets and wiring that they are going to be working on.

While many electricians do charge per hour, the work being carried out will always dictate the cost. We have compiled a list of average prices for common electrician jobs:

Average Local Heroes electrician prices

Updated January 2022

  • Install a video doorbell

    Video doorbells, such as Ring doorbells, are growing in popularity in the UK. Many video doorbells, especially those which rely on a wired connection require professional installation.

    Average prices

    Price range: £118 - £197
    Average (most common) price: £143

    Read more or video doorbell installation

  • Replace a ceiling light

    Replacing electrical lights involves ensuring all safety precautions have been followed as well as making sure all wiring etc. has been properly hidden.

    Average prices

    Price range: £85 - £130
    Average (most common) price: £104

    Read more or book ceiling light replacement

  • Electrical sockets

    Over time plug sockets can become damaged or scorched through use, especially in older homes. Alternatively you may want to just be rid of long extension cords running around your walls and want a new plug socket installed. Working with electrical sockets can be dangerous work which should only be attempted by a qualified electrician.

    Average prices

    Price range: £85 - £183
    Average (most common) price: £120

    Read more or book an electrical socket job

  • Fuse boxes

    A reoccurring trip in a fusebox is likely a faulty appliance or an issue with the wiring but could also be something more serious such as overloaded circuits or a fault with the fusebox itself. It's essential a qualified electrician investigates this issue to ensure it can be safely resolved.

    Average prices

    Price range: £85 - £200
    Average (most common) price: £126

    Read more or book fusebox repair

  • Light switches and pull cords

    Broken light switches and pull cords make lighting your home an issue and cause other issues with your home's wiring. Whether your light switch is broken, you would like more control with dimmer switches or just a different style, a qualified electrician is always best for the job.

    Average prices

    Price range: £87 - £160
    Average (most common) price: £123

    Book light switch repair

  • Install an electric hob

    To avoid damaging work surfaces, wiring or the appliance itself, installing an electric hob should onyl be carried out by professionals.

    Average prices

    Price range: £93 - £247
    Average (most common) price: £127

    Read more or book electric hob installation

  • Repair an electric shower

    A faulty shower is one of the most irritating problems in the home. Getting it fixed properly and quickly is essential to any busy home.

    Average prices

    Price range: £84 - £140
    Average (most common) price: £112

    Book shower repair

  • Electrical Inspection Report

    An Electrical Inspection Report determines whether the electrical supply in a property is safe for use. While a periodic inspection is recommended, it is essential for older properties or those with older electrical fittings.

    Average prices

    Price range: £120 - £200
    Average (most common) price: £160

    Read more or book an Electrical Inspection Report

For more prices, view the Local Heroes electrician data sheet.

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