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How much do appliance engineers charge?

Posted on 7/12/2018

An appliance engineer is a specialist electrician who will come out to fix or install appliances in your home. This can range from larger white goods like dishwashers or washing machines, to gas cookers and stoves. But essentially if any appliance in your home needs repairing – these guys will get it done.

How much they charge you will, as always, be dependent on a number of factors. For example where you live and how urgently you need the repair made.

It will also vary depending on if you need a repair, a replacement or an installation.

Below we’ve gathered together some sample costs, taken from the more common requests made through Local Heroes.

These should be seen as guidance and for reference only, not as a guarantee.

Average Local Heroes appliance prices

Updated October 2018

  • Dishwasher installation

    • Average (most common) price: £270
  • Installation of an unlisted appliance

    • Price range: £86-£150
    • Average (most common) price: £125
  • Dishwasher repair

    • Price range: £73-£101
    • Average (most common) price: £81
  • Electric oven repair:

    • Price range: £64-£84
    • Average (most common) price: £78
  • Fridge-Freezer repair

    • Average (most common) price: £78
  • Gas Oven repair

    • Average (most common) price: £78

For more prices, view the appliance engineer pricing data sheet.

Remember, if you have someone working on any gas appliance – they should be part of the Gas Safe Register. And of course if you book through Local Heroes you have our promise that every appliance engineer has been personally vetted by us, to ensure they live up to our standards. That includes being fully qualified, having great customer feedback and also signing up to our code of conduct.